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    Default Guest Questionnaire

    Having just returned from CN with my completed guest questionnaire, yet again, forgotton in my handbag, I was wondering why it cannot be completed & submitted online?

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    It seems to me that at CSS they always ask us for ours at checkout, besides I always fill mine out at breakfast the morning we leave and have it in mybhand when we walk to the lobby.

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    For me, there's never enough room on that questionnaire. I send an email to Couples when I get home that lists everything I would have put in the comment card and then some. I just keep the comment card as a reference when I send my email. I always get a response that it did get to the right location.

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    I agree, that your be an excellent idea.

    Why not scan it, and then e-mail it to guest relations.

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    I wonder the same thing as I always forget to finish ours mostly as I just don't want to leave.

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    We forgot to hand ours in once too, and if I recall Randymon said we could mail it to the corporate office in Florida.

    Couples Resorts
    10392 State Road 84
    Unit 101
    Davie, FL 33324

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    I did the same thing, forgot to hand it in. This might be a good place to ask if anyone has ever received 3 free nights fromt the questionair draw? Do they tell you that there is a possibly of winning three free nights to encourage you to fill it out? Has anyone ever won the draw?

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    I never have won it, but then again, I did not even know it was offered. We have always dropped ours off at checkout time, usually wet with tears.

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    We actually did win the free nights last year from the drawing, never thought that it would happen. We were more than happy to use them.

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