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    Default GOLF and dress code

    Is it mandatory that I wear a collared shirt at Upton Golf course? I may just walk with my husband and not actually play. Would like to avoid as many tan lines as I can. Please advise.


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    SHould be no problem. Enjoy.

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    Hi Jeanne,
    There is a dress code at golf courses to wear a collared shirt and I doubt that they'd lower the standard just because you won't be playing. You could stow a non-collared shirt in your husband's bag just in case they do let you wear one. You should also check before you take the van ride there whether or not they'll even allow you to walk the course. Some courses do and some don't and I haven't heard whether Upton does or not.
    Sorry for the bad news but that's why golf is a four letter word.
    Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    Depending on who is in the pro shop you might be able to get away without a collared shirt.

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