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    Hello everyone! I'm expecting in the end of September...we had planned to go back to couples for our first anniversary in October (well...that has had to be held off for a little bit, but for a good reason).

    Anyways, I started looking online for a place to go before the baby (a babymoon) and noticed that other resorts offer special packages (non alchalolic ciders, chocolates, special pregnancy messages, and some do courses such as make your own baby food, etc) I was just wondering if couples ever thought about making a package like that. Honestly, I would go to couples for a babymoon but with the cost and not being able o drink it seems like a bit of a waste... but maybe if you guys could sort of decided how much money you save with that person not drinking alcoholic beverages and instead gave them some massages or something you could bring in some new business for expecting parents? Just a thought. I love your resort!

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    I just found this old post, and was kind of thinking along those lines. Mostly, I was thinking how there's a honeymoon package. Babymoon would be good, too. However, I think nanyfood making classes would really not be so great at couples. Just doesn't flow with romance, and that's coming from a lady who made all of her own baby food. Perhaps flowers in the room and a massage or pedi for mama.
    One more reason for us crazy couples addicts to go home!

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