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    We will be arriving at CSA with another couple on May 9th at 1pm. I think that check-in is not until 3 or 4pm? What do we do until then?

    Is check-in hectic? Do we wait in a long line? Can we leave our baggage somewhere and hit the beach until it's time to check in?

    I know all this has been answered elsewhere, but I didn't take the time to find the posts

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    Welcome to the couples family. Check in is a piece of cake. Once you get to the resort (its about an 1 1/2 hour ride) you both will be given a glass of sparkling wine and a cold towel. Smell the towel its wonderful. Gentlemen will pick out bags while women go inside to check in. She will fill out a form with return info, give the a cerdit card for the $300 hold. If you are a romance reward member tell them. If your room is ready you will and luggage will be taken to room. If not you can change leave bag
    s there and start enjoying resort, come back later to get your room.

    We have never had to wait to check in but if there are a lot of people on the bus with you I guess you might. And no its not hectic

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    We just got back and here's our experience - Check in could not be easier. When the van arrives one of you should wait for the bags to be unloaded and the other go to the check in desk - which is about 30 feet away. You will be greeted by a warm smile, a cool towel and a refreshing flute of champagne. The bags will be set inside the entrance and will safely remain there until your room is ready. Check in will take about 5/10 minutes. At that point you have access to the resort grounds. Once checked in we visited the concierge desk which is also in the lobby area and made reservations for dinner at Feathers and the Catamaran Cruise - you could also make a reservation for Lemongrass. We had packed beach clothes in our carry on bags so we changed in the lobby bathrooms and then left those bags with our suitcase and went to Seagrapes for lunch. We were drinking smoothies and eating fish tacos about 20 minutes after the van had arrived. By the time we ate, greeted some staff we had met last year and visited the spa to make reservations there our room was ready and the bellhop led us to it. It could not have been any easier.

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    We checked in at 4:00 yesterday afternoon (normal check in time) and our room wasn't ready. No problem. We went to the beach, picked up a cold drink, and headed to the grill for onion rings. We then walked back to the office and our room was then ready. All good!

    Life is good at CSA

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