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    Default CSA in May - Anniversary and Wife's Bday - Any suggestions?

    Hello. The wife and I will be in Jamaica in May with another couple. The dates fall on my wife's bday and our 1 year wedding anniversary.

    What are good ideas for a celebration? One would think that Jamaica is enough, but they always want more I want to do something cheap and meaningful (no private dinner).


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    There are guys on the beach that play music and sing.ask them to play for you,tip the guys,and dance in the sand with your lady!

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    We will be there in May also celebrating our anniversary (5 years for us). Congrats and maybe we will cross paths.

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    We will be there May 9-15 Jarpar!

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    you leave the day before we arrive. We are there 16-23.

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    Oh ok. Enjoy!!!

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