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    Default Pre Check In Jitters

    With under a week to go, I decided to do the Pre Check In. I must be excited because it took me three times to get it right. The first try, I put that I was traveling to CN with my Brother inLaw , Dale. The second time I put that I was traveling to CN with myself. The third time I finally got it right. In my defense, I am excited and we are logged in the Romance Rewards program as a couple, Jim and Sue. When asked you I was traveling with, I wrote Dale and Barb ( my brother in law and sister) as they are accompanying us . I thought this was so our rooms could be booked close together. The second time I just blew it. Sue got a kick out of it thinking that Dale and I are going to have a romantic week at CN.
    5 days....

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    See you there.... we arrive Sat

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    That's ok. I have been doing the early bird check in since they offered it, and I always always mess something up and have to redo. They always have it right though when we arrive.

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    Aww, I wish I was doing a pre-check in.

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    You should be very excited! One thing, do not be upset if they cannot give you rooms right beside each other.They will try to accommodate you but sometimes it is hard. We went with a few other couples one time and
    Our rooms were spread out and that was fine since the resort is not that large. It is all good!

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    You ar eright. I don't think there is a bad room at CN. It has been a long wait. I think it is worse once you have been, you look forward to getting back even more. Three days....

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    is pre-check-in available for first timers?

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