We just returned from our 5th visit to CSA and once again it was pure magic. The magic began the minute we sat down at the Registration desk and found out we had been upgraded to an Atrium suite. Had always been a little unsure about them, but we were in heaven the minute we walked through the door. We absolutely loved the room and being steps away from the beach was fantastic. Even though we would be happy in any room at CSA, the upgrade was such a special touch for us!!! Once again everything was fantastic, the food, housekeeping, the beach, the drinks, and especially all of the wonderful staff. We simply can't say enough about the TLC we receive when we are there. We always make sure to bring school supplies with us when we go and this year a visit to Mount Airy School was arranged for us so we could visit the children and hand deliver our supplies. We are so grateful to Mr. Bowleg for suggesting it and to Shelley Ann for arranging it. It was the highlight of our trip! The children are so beautiful and we enjoyed the time spent with them. Also this year, we did our first excursion--a trip to YS Falls, Black River and Appleton Estates. We highly recommend it. Even though it is a long day, it is well worth it. It was great to see other areas of the island and the Falls were beautiful. The Appleton Estates Rum tour was great fun and very informative.
Again this year we were able to have a chat with Mr. Issa as he was at the resort when we were there. We always enjoy spending time with him. Such a charming man and his love of his country is so apparent.
We didn't do any watersports this year as we just couldn't tear ourselves away from the beach most days. We did do the private catamaran cruise with a few other couples and it was superb.
It was wonderful to once again spend time with some of the staff who have become so dear to us--Kurt at the Bamboo Bar who is the most caring genuine person we know, Cean, who is now a Dining Room Hostess and overseeing the Grill and Room Service. She is a gem. Deloris at Patois who always makes us laugh...good luck with the new baby my dear. Ultimate Chocolate, the piano player extrordinaire. We also made some new friends who we hope will be there for years to come. Clayton, at Watersports...such a wonderful ambassador of the resort. Nikola at the Palms who's smile was as bright as the Jamaican sunshine! Her cheery dispostion was unbelievable. Lucien our drink server at the Palms, always made sure the glasses were full!
We were told that the resort was at 100% capacity and there was never an issue with finding a lounge chair or floatie and a great spot to park for the day. Late afternoons were spent on the balcony of our wonderful Atrium suite...We will definitely be booking one again!
We had planned to do the Trading Places tour to CN but once again, couldn't tear ourselves away from CSA...oh well, maybe next year! It's funny how as the number of visits we make to CSA increases, the fact that we will be back as soon as we can becomes more firmly embedded in our minds. For those of you who are still undecided on whether to choose Couples...go for it! Once you go, you know!