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    Default Ocho Rios Off Site Restaurants

    Any suggestions for off site restaurants in Ocho Rios? We love jerk, would love to find a really good place. Saw on a travel show a place called Scotchies, anyone ever been?

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    Before they started the repeaters dinner, Couples Ocho used to send the repeaters out to a local restaurant. Once we ate at Evita's and it was wonderful. It is an Italian place on top of a mountain with a great view of the city and ocean. Loved it.

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    Oh I loved Scotchies!!!! Its nothing fancy at all but if you want good jerk food go there! I'm hoping to talk the shuttle bus driver to take us there on the way to the resort my next visit! Very very good stuff.Name:  291991_10150892673020215_782280214_21515251_710548620_n.jpg
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    Scotchies has the best jerk in town (a must every year), but also look into Spring Garden. Their prices have gone up in recent years as more and more tourists stop in, but it's worth every penny, especially on Pepper Pot Soup day.

    For a real treat, a short hike from CTI back towards town will land you at a little bar/restaurant that's open air. It'll be on the hill up to your left about 300yds from the gates.

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