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    Default Excursions: Dolphin Cove, Zip Line, etc.

    Thinking of doing a trip to CSS. I was checking out the website for Dolphin Cove and am wondering if it is more/less expensive to book the tour (this or any) while at the resort, through the guest services person there ... has anyone who has waited to do an excursion such as these been told that the tours are "full" after they arrive at Couples? Is there a way to book in advance through the resort? I noticed that Dolphin Cove has an area where you can reserve and pay for your time through their website but then who takes care of your transfers? Loaded questions, I know. Thanks for any help.

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    help ... does anyone know or know who i can contact at css?

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    My wife and I recently returned from CSS and they have a Tour Desk that you can book excursions through. We used them for zip line and tubing, paid at the hotel, and it included transportation. It was a little more expensive than what we saw online before our trip, but I don't think that included transportation.
    I wouldn't worry too much about any place being crowded unless a cruise ship is in. The resorts are pretty empty, but that's a good thing when you're with the one you love.
    You're going to have a tremendous time. It just completely blew us away.

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    thx for your help!

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    No worries! You will have plenty of time to book once you arrive at the resort. I wouldn't do anything ahead of time. For one, you don't know what the activity schedule at CSS will be so if you book something now, you might miss something awesome at CSS. And, the prices are the same if you book at the tour desk at the hotel. We did the zip line, booked at the hotel, and loved it! And I don't think you'll have any problem with something being crowded.
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