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Thread: ATM at CTI?

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    Default ATM at CTI?


    I was wondering if there was an ATM at CTI and if there was a cash limit? I will "perks" if I pay my outside vendors for my wedding in cash.

    I appreciate the feedback.


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    I have never seen one but even so the transaction fees would be very high. Also it would most likely dispense cash in JA $$.

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    If it is like CN, they will have a, for lack of a better description, cashier's booth. At CN it is located to the far right of the registration desk as you look at the desk. Been there 4 times and this year was the first time I noticed it, probably because I had to use it.

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    It's in the game room and the fee is 6$US

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    I would advise you to bring cash for tipping at the airport or any additional excursions. Most shops except credit cards.

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