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    Default topless sunbathing??

    This is our first trip to Jamaica, always done the Cancun thing. There are several topless sunbathers in Cancun and the Riveria Maya, what about at CSA? Also, does is get cooler enough in the evenings that you need something light around your shoulders? Thanks!!!

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    From the FAQ section.

    is allowed in designated beach areas:

    Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach.

    Topless is not allowed at or in any of our swimming pools.

    Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci and Couples Negril resorts have waterfront areas designated for 'au naturel' sunbathing.

    Couples Tower Isle's private 'au naturel' island, featuring a pool with swim-up bar, is open for nude sunbathing from 9am to 5pm daily, weather permitting The Island will close at 3pm on days when an “Island Wedding” has been confirmed. Transport by small boat to the 'au naturel' island is provided.
    Couples Sans Souci has a small bay (called Sunset Beach) dedicated to 'au naturel sunbathing', open daily from 9am to 5pm. There is a pool, Jacuzzi, bar and grill. Please note that the Sunset Beach is open to all clothed guests at 5pm for viewing the spectacular sunsets.
    Couples Negril, a small semi-private beach area designated for au naturel sunbathing is located just off the main beach. 'Au naturel' sunbathing is not permitted at Couples Swept Away.

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    Topless on the beach is Ok. Not usually cool but that depends on the weather and what time of year you are going.

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    You will see a few topless sunbathers on the beach at CSA (only place it's allowed there) and as for the evening, the first time I went, I brought a wrap but never used it. The only place it might be a tad chilly is Feathers which is all enclosed but it was really nice outside at night - in the 70's. I guess it depends on how cold you get.

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    Yes you can topless sunbathe on the beach, there are some that do, not high percentage but it does take place, also at CN beach. We have gone to CN and CSA both winter and summer and never had need for sweater or shawl, some do find the AC restaurants cool and throw something over their shoulders.

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    Topless is allowed on the beach but not the pool. We go to CTI in July & I take a shawl mostly for the air conditioned restaraunts.

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    Topless sunbathing is allowed at designated locations at each Couples resort - the main beach at CN, CSS and CSA, and at the end of the pier at CTI (see the FAQ section). They will not allow you to be topfree at any of the pools. If you enjoy topless, try the AN area at your resort. You'll probably really love that experience, and your bottom half will appreciate it as much as your top half does.

    You may find the ocean breeze a little cool in the evenings. You might appreciate having a light sweater available.

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    so,is the pool at SSB nude or not?

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    All of SSB is A/N, including the pool.

    Main pool at CSS is textile, beach area you can do topless, although we haven't seen that there, yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brent sabrina View Post
    so,is the pool at SSB nude or not?
    It is my understanding that the pool and hot tub at SSB are nude, just like the pool on CTI's AN island.

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    PHEW! Lol.Good News.We hope to enjoy it.If you see us say hey!

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    We'll be back to CSS May 1-8 so we'll see many of you there...

    The really nice thing about SSB is it's a very large area that is really well cordoned off so you can't just wander through or peak over fences etc...

    SSB has it's own pool, grill, bar, beach and bathrooms so while the main beach is crowded with people fighting for chairs and shade ( see the "Can of worms" post ) - SSB has plenty of open space / shade / chairs - and the nicest people in the resort!

    3 weeks!

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