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    Default Movie on the beach at CSA

    My husband and I will be returning after a few years and I still vividly remember movie night on th ebeach. Do they still do that at CSA?

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    They had Movie on the beach at CTI last March, which we participated in for the first time & loved it! They still had the movie night at CSA when we were there in Mar '10...I am hoping for Movie night at CSS too! Enjoy!

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    We were there March 11-18 and while we were walking to the Great House we saw a few people at the move on the beach. It looked very cool, but we had already missed like half the movie! So, yes, to answer your question, they still do movie night on the beach!

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    Does anyone know if they also do this at CN?

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    They have the Beach Filmfest on the South Beach on Saturday nights at 8:00.

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    What time does it start?

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    We just got back on Monday- were there from Wednesday to Monday and did not see any movies I am bummed! Would love to see this next time though

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