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    Default Adding a day to trip

    We are booked for a week as CSA and a week at CSS. I have decided because of time lost traveling to/from that I would like to add a day to each resort for a total of 8 days at each instead of 7. Would we be able to get the same rate that we have booked for already? Or would we have to pay current rates for those days? Anyone who has done this........

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    I haven't done that...I just wanted to say YAY for being able to add a day! I am doing my first trip to Couples, and Jamaica, in November for my honeymoon, and my fiance and I just added 2 days to our trip so we are going for a total of 10 days to CTI! We changed through our travel agent so I don't know what the cost difference was for the resort, I just know that we did have to pay a ticket change fee on top of the resort cost.

    Anyway - happy for ya...enjoy your trip!!


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    See Randy's post at the top of the message board for your answer.....The short answer is YES!!! WAHOOOOO

    But at the current rate.

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