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    Default April 16- 23

    Less than two weeks to go and we will be back soaking up the sun at our favorite vacation spot ever.


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    Hey Jeli,
    My husband and I will be there on the 17th hope to meet up with you! It is our 12th or 13th visit there as you can tell it is our home away from home. The final countdown is on and starting to get really excited!!!!!

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    Hi Denise,
    Glad to hear from you. This is your home away from home!!We are also soooo excited to be coming back once again. We will be looking forward to meeting the two of you.

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    Hi Jeli,
    Maybe we could plan a meet up at the pool bar on the 18th at 1 pm I will post this on the April thread and maybe we will have a big turn out. Last time a few of us printed the list and carried it around and met as many people as we could. We had a great turn out about 8 couples from the board met and we had a blast!! Can hardly wait and contain myself, I swear my smile get bigger every day!!!

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    I am with you there... a bigger smile each day. I have three more work shifts left to go and it is so hard to go into work. I so can't wait for the days to pass. We will be looking for you guys. See you at CSS.Kim

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    Hi Kim
    I have 4 more shifts at the hospital and then the packing begins. We are getting so excited you'd think we have never been there before! Maybe its because we have been there and know whats in store for us is making us so giddy with anticipation!!! All we need now is the weather to cooperate. Look forward to meeting you and having some drinks together. See you in a week !!!!!

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    Hey Denise,
    That's wild I also work in a hospital. 12 hour shifts and now I only have one more shift to go and I am
    on vacation!! I cannot believe how excited I ..we ...are to get away again. This has been the hardest week to get through. Take care and have a great rest of your week. Kim

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    Hey Kim hows the first day of your vacation going?? My last shift began at 7am done 3pm then my vacation starts I can hardly stand it!! I still have so much to do before we leave Pack, Shop, Shop N Shop lol. Keep a barstool warm for us as we will arrive on the 17th. Looking forward to meeting you both. Have fun!!!

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    Hey Denise,
    First day of vacation is great and will only get better. We leave Monday morning!!! You now are also on vacation. Have a blast shopping and packing. That is what I did today.Tomorrow I am treating myself to a mani and pedi. See you soon.

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