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    DH and I will be going to CSA for the 1st time in January!
    Wondering if the buddha pool can be used by any guest or just those who have services booked? It looks beautiful!
    Thank you!

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    Hello! I'm pretty sure it's just a luxury of the spa since you have to go into the spa area to get to the buddha pool. There's never very many in there - just people mostly waiting for their services. Book something - it's totally worth it!!

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    Not sure... I would assume anyone. We have only used it when we went for a service.

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    The buddha pool is for those guests who are having a spa treatment done that day. It is beautiful, the photos don't do it justice. It open on one end to a garden with an outdoor shower. It is very quiet and incredibly relaxing. Well worth a spa treatment!

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    Now I'm confused....I thought the Budda Pool was at CTI???? Does CSA have one too?


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    There is a small outdoor Buddha plung pool at CTI but the one being refered to here is at CSA and it is indoor with spa treatment rooms along each side. It opens into a garden at one end with a shower for spa guests. If you click on the Swept Away tab at the top of the site and then the spa link you will see it. I am pretty sure it is only for guest waiting for their spa treatment as it is located inside the spa itself.

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    Thanks everyone! It sounds wonderful. I think I'll use some of my resort credit to book a short couples massage. The rest will be spent on a wonderful private beach dinner. Cannot wait !!! Neither are things that I would probably spend extra money for, it's so nice that Couples is buying

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