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    I am very confused about booking though Couples and having the ability to change dates if something comes up with your schedule. Everywhere I have looked through this forum says changing dates is not a problem and being able to still keep your rate, however, when I called Couples they said that they no longer change dates at the same rate, but at the rate of the current promotion. This was the main reason why I was going to book through Couples directly. At this moment we see no problem with the dates we picked out, but life is ever changing and I liked having the option to change if we need to and still get this rate. There also seems to be some confusion if you get to keep your credits or not. I was ready to book today and that really put a damper on my plans. Randy I would really like clarification about this. Thank you for your help. Anyone else with the same problem?

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    Im having this problem right now too and getting pretty frustrated. Is there any info?

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    I think Randy has stated many times that if the price has changed you have to pay the current rate. I'm sure someone will copy and past it.

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    Here is Randymon' s official answer in this thread.

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    Our policy regarding date changes is as follow:

    First, if you book through another source, we have no control on what their change/Cancellation policies may be.

    IF, you have booked directly, then...

    Date changes may be made without penalty provided
    1. It is done outside 45 days prior to arrival AND
    2. The new dates fall within the same rate period.

    In this scenario, value added benefit such as resort credits will be protected.

    If you change dates for arrival in another rate period,
    1. You will be charged the current rates at the time of the change AND
    2. You will lose any added benefits IF those benefits are no longer being offered.

    Adding extra nights?
    1. Rates for the extra nights will be at whatever the current rates are at the time of the addition
    2. Added Benefits will be protected.

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    If the policy has changed it is very recent. We made a change to our dates for this years trip, albeit only a one day shift, and did not have to pay any difference in price. It was still within the special pricing window of dates, though long past the time that the special had been in effect. If your change should push you outside the special pricing dates of your original booking I would expect the price to be adjusted to what ever is appropriate for the dates you are requesting. Best advice is to call Couples if the need arises. I am sure they will work with you to get the best price possible if indeed a change is required.

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