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    Has anyone stayed in a Deluxe Ocean Verandah that wasn't in E building? That is the only building I know of that has them but I'm guessing there are others. This is our third trip to CSS (5th to Couples) so we're familiar with the resort but just can't figure out where else these are available besides E building. 19 sleeps and counting till we go home!

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    The bottom floor of G block are all Deluxe Ocean Verandahs, as well as the two at the very top of G block, G 12 B and G 15 A. We have stayed in both of those, and they are great rooms with probably the best 2 balconies of any room at CSS!

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    There are some in D Block - we were not in one, but met a couple who were. They were in the ground floor room at the end, nearest the hammock.

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    The G building has verandas and they are huge and very private. The views areamazing,but some are blocked a little with foliage. Ask to see your room before you settle in. The staff always lets us check th room out first. G15A we think is the best room ever. Have a great time!

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    We stayed in G1 recently which is a deluxe ocean veranda.

    Enjoyed both the view and the seclusion.
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    What kind of room would I want to book if I wanted the room fairly close to SSB?

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    Hi Cloudwatcher,
    You would want to book a Beachfront Suite--they are in Blocks A and B. Block A is the closest to SSB.

    Have a great trip!

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    A & B block are the closest to SSB which have Beachfront Suites.

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    Between the DLx Ocn Verandah and the Ocean one bedroom suite which is the the locatation that would be the quitetest and have the larger balcony?

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