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    I'm going to CTI in September for my honeymoon. Just wondering what everyone recommends for excursions outside of the resort. Thinking about doing ziplining. Any recommedations as far as which one to go with or anything other than zipling?

    Would appreciate the feedback

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    How about Dunn's River Falls?

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    We loved our excursion to Nine Mile, Bob Marley's birthplace and where he is buried. It is a long drive through the countryside and you get to see a the real Jamaica and appreciate the people who live on this beautiful island. We hired a private driver, so we got to leave on our own schedule and stop along the way as we wanted. On the way back to Ochi we stopped at Scotchies for awesome jerk chicken and pork. If you're interested in the contact information for our driver, just post your email and I will send it to you.

    One Love,

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    We were at CTI a few weeks ago, and did the River Tubing excursion down the "White River" - it is offered thru Chucka tours, there's a desk right in the lobby. It was one of the best excursions we've ever been on! Bus ride for about 1/2 hour up the mountain, about one hour tubing down the river - just the right combination of slow, relaxing floating, and a few rapids. Very competent guides that assist you along the way to "keep you moving in the right direction". After tubing, you have a jerk chicken sample, and an opportunity to buy more if you like, and / or beverages. The price was $85 per person, which at first I thought was a bit steep, but it really was well worth it. We left about 8:30 in the morning, and returned about 12:30. Have a great time!

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    Our first visit to CTI we did the Dunn's River Falls Excursion and it was a lot of fun! When we were there last year we did the Zip Line/Bobsled Ride Combo (don't remember the Company name that ran it ~ front desk will have it. That one was GREAT! They take you up the mountain by ski lift over the jungle to both the take-off points of the Zip line and The Cool Runnings Roller coaster ride (which is a BLAST!).
    We did not try the Chukka Zip Line / River rafting Excursion. I have seen a lot of good comments about that one too.
    Whatever you decide to do, you WILL have fun! Have a GREAT VACATION!

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    We did the tubing down the river trip. So,so much fun. The bus ride there was even fun. Definitely worth the money.

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    Hi rumgirl, we're going in A

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    Hi rumgirl, we're going to css in august and can't wait! How much was the zip line/bobsled ride and was it an all day?

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    We did the included Dunns River (bring a pair of inexpensive water shoes with you from home. You don't wan to rent a pair, yuck, or buy a pair at the falls), horseback riding from a sugar cane plantation down to the Caribbean with a ride in the water with the horses (That was fun to ride in the water. Amazing how strong a horse is), and ther Dolphin Cove. Everyone should do this once so go for the whole deal and get in the water with the dolphins. They pull you with the dorsal fin, push you right up and out of the water by the soles of your feet, let you pet and rub them, and yes...even give you a kiss. Get the CD with all the pictures to remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnagreg View Post
    Hi rumgirl, we're going to css in august and can't wait! How much was the zip line/bobsled ride and was it an all day?

    Hi donnagreg,

    The name of the excursion was to the "Mystic Mountain Rainforest Bobsled /Sky Lift Explorer & Tranopy (zip line). It is only about 15 minutes from CTI, so not a long bus ride.

    I wish that I had better memory! I don't believe that it was THAT expensive. I think it was around $180 total for two of us??
    It was not an all day excursion. I believe we left CTI around 9 a.m. and we returned by 2 p.m. for lunch.
    It was so worth it! I was so nervous about ziplining... until I took my first ZIP!... AMAZING!
    The Bobsled ride.... a Major RUSH! My husband was "driving" (you control the braking/speed).

    We plan to do this one again... At least one time on our next visit!
    Hope you have a great time on your vacation! Happy Zipping!!


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    Hello SuzyQ

    I am interested in the contact information for your driver. We are staying in CSS during June 13-20th. My email is

    Thank you
    Gerald & Stacy

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    My fiance and I are going to CSA May of 2013 for our wedding & honeymoon. We deffinately want to do the Dolphin swim and are seriously considering the Chukka Zipline. We are booking this week (today or tomorrow actually). Anyone we have to book those now (they offer them as add-ons while going through the booking process), or can we book those later upon arrival?? There's just so much to do and we'll only be there 5 days/6 nights. We want to partake in some of the inclusive options too, like the catamarn cruise, snorkeling, kyaking....and just lazily laying around from time to time Afterall, it is our wedding and we don't want to be running nonstop...we want to relax and unwind....but there are so many things we can't do here at home in Kansas! Thoughts...suggestions...

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    Do you know how much (approx) the CD with pics cost? Or what kind of pic or video packages & costs were offered??? The Dolphin swim is the #1 thing we want to do (besides get married, enjoy our honeymoon, & relax a lot - hehe)!!!! Any info you may have would be most helpful How many times have you guys been...& to which properties? We are going to CSA - and can't wait - it's not until May 2013 - ugh so far way! Thanks so much in advance for any info you may have

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    Hi suzyq, I would like info for the driver you used! My hubby and I will be there in July and want a fun, safe offsite adventure. My email is

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