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    Ok everyone, I'm sure that there are plenty out there that have been to both SSB and TI. We are returning to CTI for the 4th time and considering a day pass to SSB. For those who have been to both, can you help me decide if I should give up a precious day on the island and go? What are the pros/cons of each?

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    We have done trading places 2 times. The first time we stayed the entire time, the 2nd we got a cab back after lunch. There are things we liked about SSB over TI and first is the size. But what we didn't like, the kids on the public beach across the river outweighed the size. You know what I do for a living, so you can appreciate my hesitation. It's the same reason we haven't tried CN and the AN beach. CSS is large and spread out and we like that, but we realized that CTI was home.

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    Having only been to CSS, I can tell you that it is different, but in some ways, the same as TI except TI has an island. The thing, or things, we like about CSS is the spread out property with lush gardens and many pathways to explore. CSS is much more spread out than TI, built into the cliffs, with many nooks here and there where you can relax and enjoy in peace. If you are into going to the island at TI, then a trip to SSB is a must.
    We're returning there in October and will do a day pass to TI as we hear it's a great place as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fltwinmom View Post
    Ok everyone, I'm sure that there are plenty out there that have been to both SSB and TI. We are returning to CTI for the 4th time and considering a day pass to SSB. For those who have been to both, can you help me decide if I should give up a precious day on the island and go? What are the pros/cons of each?
    We had the same dilemma last summer. We decided to make the trip to CSS for the day, and it worked out perfectly. Not only did we have a very good day there, we met two lovely couples from CTI who were also there for the day! We spent most of our time for the remainder of our trip - both on and off the island - with these couples. The beach is nice for privacy, and the pool is a fun gathering spot. Though CTI will be our "home" for future visits, we had a great experience at CSS.

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    I have been to both CTI and CSS. It is definitely worth a day trip. SSB is a different experience than the island, but has its advantages. The pool is much larger at SSB and you can always take a walk (though short) on the beach. There are Jamaicans that hang out on the adjacent public beach from time to time, but I wouldn't make it a big deal. The SSB beach never seems to have as many couples as the SSB pool and the pool area is very private. You'll also enjoy the rest of the resort, as it is situated in a more natural setting than CTI. If you're at CTI for a week, you can't go wrong with 6 days on the Island and one day at SSB. Enjoy, mon!

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    You should try it for the day. We enjoyed SSB much more than TI. You can come and go as you please and not have to worry about the boat, they have food almost the whole time and can fix things to order (limited), it is very large, you can swim in the ocean easier, and it is very large. We were there in December and unfortunately it was cool and the pool was not very enjoyable but everything else was very nice. We never noticed many if any kids or other people on the public beach.

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    From the other perspective, we are CSS/SSB fans. We did the day trip to CTI and the island, and yes we had fun, but to us it was nothing like CSS. The beach is great, the pool is better. We did not like the layout of CTI (to "hotel like" for us), so we are partial to CSS. I think it is worth the trip. You can always catch a cab back if you do not like it.

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    We have been to CSS 5 times, with trips 6 and 7 booked. We have been over to CTI twice on the trading places program. In our opinion, the island is nice, but all you can do there is tan and spend a bit of time in the crowded, very small pool. The ocean is pretty much inaccesible.

    At SSB, however, you have the much larger pool, so much more space to enjoy on the beach and around the pool, and the beautiful ocean to swim in! I would go out a number of times a day from SSB and swim in the ocean for about 30 minutes - absolutely beautiful. Really, the only time there are kids on the public beach over by Shaw Park, is on a Sunday morning, and they are quite a distance away. The complaint about that is way out of proportion, we feel.

    Another point - if you want to wander back to your room for something, or go to eat at the beach bar or at Palazzina for lunch, you just get up and go - no waiting for the boat.

    And yet another point - the entire Sans Souci resort is such a treat to wander around in, awesome beauty at every spot, whereas CTI, to us, just feels like a hotel, with very little to offer in the way of beautiful grounds and romantic hideaways.

    We have spent about 40 wonderful days on SSB, and would not trade it for the island any day. Again, just our opinion.

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    We have been to CSS, CTI and CN. Each one offers something we like, and you can see by my signature we tend to go to CSS more only because the friends we’ve met over the years are usually at CSS.

    CSS for the large pool that you can actually float in undisturbed. His and her bathrooms next to the pool, Not having to leave right at 5pm...and the people...
    CTI, the coziness of the island and actually out being on a private island. The Tower itself is cool and adds to the atmosphere, and the people
    CN, The Beach The Beach The Beach!!!! The big hot tub, and the people.

    CSS, The Cold river water in front of the beach and the beach itself is not as nice.
    CTI, Getting kicked off the island right at 5, one shared bathroom, no beach and the small pool.
    CN, No pool but the warmth and calmness of the ocean was a pleasant surprise, distance from the ocean/water to the bar, the shared bathroom.

    Overall Just like each Couples Resort, all of the au natural facilities offer something unique that would not prevent us from going to any of them. For us, the issue of people with clothes on seeing us naked is not an issue, but hanging out and being a stalker gawker is a different story all together.

    We say go, expand your experience, you can always head back.

    Jeff and Susan
    CSS: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010,
    2011, 2012, 2013, 2016
    CTI: 2009
    CN: 2011, 2015

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    Thank you so much for all of your opinions! Sounds like SSB is worth a day pass!

    We love the camaraderie that we find on TI. Is SSB the same? We tried CN once and didn't find the same atmosphere.

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    We did a day trip to CTI from CSS (before the new pier was installed and the new boat arrived) and for the sake of a bit of wind the island was shut. This never happens at CSS/SSB. We went home at lunchtime. For us CTI was too 'hotel-like' and less personal. Lunch and breakfast we served in a really large cafe and although the food was excellent it all felt a little bit like an holiday park (I am guessing that they are called something different in USA but I have no idea what! Sorry but I hope you know what I mean). Just not our bag of beans.

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