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Thread: Policy at SSB

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    hartnsoul, I believe the majority of people on the many, many threads addressing this subject, have indicated that many of the females would never have tried the AN portion of the various resorts if they would not have been for Couples only.

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    I have to respond to this thread. my husband and I were there at CSS for our honeymoon on Feb 29th through Mar 6th. Neither of us had ever been AN before and we had really wanted to try it. Myself being more gungho than my hubby. It took some cajoling and having him read all the great posts people have put on the MB about their AN experiences. This really helped him feel more confident and by the time we got to the resort he was excited to try it. The afteroon we arrived it was right about 5 so we decided to go to SSB since it was time for the beach to open for everyone for the sunsets so we could look around and pick a spot to come down in the morning and try it.
    When we got there there were still some folks AN which was just fine. we kinda started talking to some folks and it was goin well.......until.....a man approached us wearing a towel and said hello and asked if it was our first time. We told him yes and he said welcome! Im not sure what the heck he was thinking but in trying to make us feel more comfortable was telling us that everyone is equal on the AN side and it is very comfortable, ect, ect. and that was great until he proceeded to whip off his towel and stand there naked....ok we could deal with that a little uncomfy but still ok. Then he said everyone has the same parts here...and reached out and grab my breasts while saying everyone here has these its no big deal.

    OK lets just say i was so proud of my husband for restraining himself. I thought he was goin to beat the guy to a pulp. Needless to say we left immediately and never went back. We saw the man again through out the time we were there and as soon as we saw them we would leave.
    i was very frustrated because I KNOW this is NOT the normal behavior of all the great folks on the AN side.
    My husband and I are goin back for a 2nd trip and yes we are goin to try the SSB. Luckily my hubby is a wonderful cool headed man or that would have been a really bad situation. For the life of me we were both so shocked that we couldn't remember the man's name or later on we would have reported him.
    My suspicion is he had probably been having a good time and indulging in some beverages and went overboard trying to make us feel welcome. Regardless it was totally inappropriate and absolutely not welcome.
    Even with this experience we are going to try it when we return jan 2013. If we had remembered his name and reported him I have every confidence that it would have been handled immediately by the great staff at CSS. The trip was the most amazing experience we have ever had and we are goin back again. i guess my whole point is to say that even though sometimes situations arise that are not always positive i really hope it doesnt tuen people off from the AN side. We met some great people that we hung out with the entire time we were there and they were on the AN side all during the day.
    We cant wait to go back and try it out.......Tammy and Chris

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    Last week at CN, there was a couple who were on the a/n beach quite a bit, but he was going to be playing golf or something, and so she asked the front desk if it would be OK for her to be there by herself for a couple of hours. They said it would be fine, in a friendly way that said "duh, if a woman wants to hang out naked who's going to complain about that?"

    As the husband said later, "if she wants to be naked by herself, everyone welcomes her with open arms. If I walk around that fence line naked and alone, I'll be tasered before I can find a place to sit". While there is likely a double standard, I think most people would understand it. And generally, once the people on the beach know you as a couple, they will not have an issue with only one of you there if the other is golfing, shopping, or getting a massage.

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    I'm really surprised he was allowed to remain on SSB for so long. When we were there last year, one of our friends was really sunburned so put on a T-shirt. HE was totally nekkid from the waist down, but within minutes security came over and asked him to remove his shirt. We understand the rules, he took it off and moved to the shade, and we all got a big laugh out of.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vybz View Post

    As the husband said later, "if she wants to be naked by herself, everyone welcomes her with open arms. If I walk around that fence line naked and alone, I'll be tasered before I can find a place to sit". While there is likely a double standard, I think most people would understand it. And generally, once the people on the beach know you as a couple, they will not have an issue with only one of you there if the other is golfing, shopping, or getting a massage.
    Not true. Read my post above. Within minutes my wife was asked if she was alone.

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    My wife and I were at SSB last October, our first time trying AN together, and did not see such a vulgar display from anyone as you have described. At first we just spent our time on the beach alone and was bothered by no one. When we eventually went to the pool area, again, we were left alone, other than a friendly hello, until we joined everybody in the pool, and even then it's was fun interacting conversations with the other guests. There was no such vulgar behavior as you found. It seems that respect by other guests is paramount and understood by everybody. OK, ALMOST everybody, at SSB.
    I'm sure that if pointed out, that guy would have been dealt with by the staff and security. As I have said prior in this thread, it is important that you respect the rights of others and if someone's behavior is interfering with the enjoyment of the other guests, it should be dealt with by management.
    Kudo's to your hubby for having the restraint not to put this guy in his place. I don't think I would have been so polite. He obviously made you both uncomfortable, and that is wrong. I do hope that you will give it another try at SSB. 99.99% of people there are not like that guy and they are probably the nicest people you will ever meet.

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    TAMMYH - We have been to CSS 5 times, and are booked for trips 6 and 7. On those 5 trips, we have been to SSB for about 40 days in total, and we have never, ever witnessed any behaviour like that. It is too bad that it was not reported to security, the incident would have been dealt with.

    As novastar has stated, 99.99% of the people that go to SSB are there for the same reason, and are the nicest people that you could meet anywhere. We have had the most wonderful, relaxing days at Sunset Beach, and are looking forward to many more in the coming years.

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    We overlapped with your trip and left on Mar. 1. If this is the same guy I'm thinking of, he showed up a day or two after we arrived and was a problem the whole time he was there. Veronique actually had to cut him off at one point because he was getting so obnoxious. His wife was with him, but passed out or sleeping at her chair most of the time and clearly didn't care what her husband was up to. At one point, my boyfriend had to tell this guy to just back off, and after that he left us alone. We also did a good job of avoiding him. But unfortunately, that kind of ruined the experience for us because I felt like I always had to be "on guard" when he was around. We also felt kind of bad for the newcomers because no one else wanted to be around this guy after a while, so he became the self-appointed "welcoming committee" and would plant himself next to anyone new who showed up just to have someone to talk to.

    I guess you might occasionally get someone like this, but we've been to CSS and TI nine times, always at the AN beach, and I have to say that this was a first. He was just downright offensive. I certainly hope he's not back there again next year!

    But please do give SSB a try next time. I suspect you'll find it to be a completely different experience.

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    Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement!
    Chris and i are definitely goin to try the ssb. I know he will love it once he gets past his first initial shyness. I am just so thankful that it didnt turn him off completely from trying it. Believe me if anything like that were to ever happen again i will go immediately to security. Im sure the staff would take care of it at once. Cant wait to go back and feel the sun on my skin sitting next to my husband (the most wonderful man on the planet! Of course i could be biased on my opinion) lol


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    I just read what you went thru last time on SSB and I'm shocked and disappointed. We have been to SSB twice now, and a number of other nude beaches in Florida and Nevada and have never seen anything like you descibed. Everyone we have meet have been very friendly and unassuming. I hope we never encounter that kind of behavior.

    Anyway, we look forward to seeing you on the beach. If you and Chris are uncomfortable at first on SSB, take a spot away from the pool by the massage hut and chill out there until you get more comfortable. Take a walk down by the beach once in a while, since lounging naked is much different than walking around naked. Also, take some short trips to the bar, food court, and bathroom to gain confidence. Sue usually wears a wrap around her hips when we eat or when she has to use the ladies room; no one seems to mind and other women do it too. The crowd is pretty laid back in January and let's people seek their own confort level. She does use the pool and ocean nude , so she's not shy, just a little modest during some activities. And, if someone challanged her on the wrap, I'm sure she would remove it no problem. Anyway, anything we can do to make it more comfortable for your first experience or any advice you need, let me know. If I ever see any inappropriate behavior, including PDA's, I'd speak up quickly. See you in 7 months.


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    Like lekkcl above, we also overlapped your trip and know exactly who you're talking about. Fortunately, we didn't experience anything as vulgar as you did, although at one point I had to step in to prevent him from getting too close to my wife. Everyone else we met was wonderful, however. We spent 4 days at SSB and plan to return next February to hopefully catch up with some of our new friends, including lekkcl (hopefully the creep won't be there)! Thanks for the trivia tokens kc, btw!

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    I have posted on this guy before on here. We were also there the end of February and left on March 1st. At one point, my wife and I were at the back of the pool, away from the bar. He was inside the cave, alone, looking out at her. There were many other "run ins" with him as well. Being our first A/N, it was a little nerve wracking, but everybody else was so friendly and nice, we still had a great time.

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    So guys are never allowed to be at Sunset Beach without their wives? I disagree. My wife had to return to our room two or three times (for several hours at a pop) to attend to Skype calls for business. I stayed at the beach. I did not have a problem with being there by myself, nor did anyone else.

    So...a clarification...can guys ever be at Sunset Beach by themselves? I would have been pretty ticked if people felt "uncomfortable" because my wife had to go back to the room. Trust me..I am not there to check out anyone else.

    I also have Scotch-Irish skin. I usually cover up parts of me that normally don't see the sunlight with a towel as the day goes on. Once again, no one ever said anything.
    Ohio Couple...looking forward to shots of Appleton and Jamaican food and the SSB experience!

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