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    Anyone have certain company to go with for zip line, going to be at Couples Negril...
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    If you're staying in Negril, do the Chukka tour through the tour desk at either CN or CSA. Its the Jungle Canopy Tour.

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    I was wondering the same thing!

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    I went with Chukka Tours in March and it was excellent!

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    Chukka -- CN offered this excursion through Chukka Tours, they were awesome.

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    We have done the Chukka zip two years in a row and LOVED it. Last year they had BOGO 1/2 on their web site. It was a good deal!
    Mary & Mitch

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    Can one of you who has done the zip line through Chukka tell me how much of the day it took up. On their website they state all tours are in Montego Bay, so, are we talking about an hour and half each way plus the time it takes to zip?

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    How long was the bus ride to the zipline? Was it a rough ride? My husband gets sick on bumpy rides. THANKS!
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    We did this in November. The ride is about 1 hour and 20-30mins. The ride is super smooth and you get a lot more tour guide-type stuff along the way than you do from the airport shuttle drivers. They do take people from multiple resorts, and we had to stop at Riu, Grand Palladium, and one other place to pick up others, but the stops were only like 2-3 mins each. Once you get to the town of Montpelier out in the countryside, you go on a dirt road for about 10 mins, which is the only bumpy part of the ride. If you do just the zipline, without the river tube or kayak combo, the zipline tour lasts about 2 1/2 hours total. You can purchase a meal at the end if you wish, but we, along with most others, waited til we got back to the resort. The jerk chicken plate was about $7, but could easily feed 2 people. It's an awesome excursion and highly recommended. Make sure you tip your tour guides!

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    @mick7602, I believe we were picked-up at 9:30am and returned to CN around 3pm.

    @breccad, the bus ride is about 1.5 hours--it's just outside of Montego Bay, as mick7602 mentioned.
    So, if your husband did not get sick on the ride from the airport to CN, he won't get sick on this ride. The ride from the main road to the tour is a little curvey, but I don't remember it being bumpy.

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