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    Default Couples Tower Isle vs Couples Swept Away

    Who has been to CTI and CSA and what did you like about each one? Do you have a preference between the two. I've never been to any of the Couples resorts and I'm trying to decide between these two for my honeymoon in September 2012.

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    We were at CTI in January 2010 and had a wonderful time. What we liked best was the staff, they are the most welcoming, friendly, wonderful people you will ever meet! No other staff can compare. Our favorite restaurant was Eight Rivers, the food was great and the service could not have been better! The resort is beautiful and the food was delicious. The beach is private and is not real large. We never made it to the pools. We did snorkel and the watersports guys were great.

    We were at CSA this February 2012. What we liked best was the beach, it is huge and you can walk off CSA's beach and walk the waterline along the other neighboring properties. The sunsets are amazing. Our favorite restaurant here was Lemongrass, we were both a little afraid to go but the food was delicious. The martini bar is a must! We also snorkeled here, watersports did not seem as friendly, but we still had fun. This resort has a much more tropical feel to it than CTI, which we really liked.

    You will not go wrong with either resort, they are both great. Go with your what you feel is right for you. That is what we have done both times.

    When we visit again we are planning on going back to CSA.

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