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    Default CSS- Hibiscus Cottage- Rates

    We have booked a week at CSA and a week at CSS. We will be getting married the first week and so the second week is sort of our honeymoon. We are not able to find a rate online for the Cottage at CSS. Can anyone tell me how much it cost them and if they thought it was worth it? Is it something that yuo can pay for an upgrade when you get there? Thanks for your help.

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    You have to book the Hibiscus Villa directly with Couples. We booked it a year in advance to be able to get the days we wanted. I would call them asap or have your travel agent call Couples for availability and pricing.

    We loved the Villa.

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    I think your best bet would be to call the 800 number to find out the rate and availability, or you can call the resort directly. Every post that I have read from folks who have stayed in the Hibiscus Cottage have loved it!!! So if it's available, and within your budget, it may be a wonderful place to celebrate your honeymoon!

    All the best and congratulations!

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    There is only one cottage. You will need to call the resort to find out the price and availability. While the cottage is nice it is at the very top of the resort and secluded away from everything. Might be nice for a honeymoon, but if you are at all social the cottage is really far away from the action.
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    We have it booked for one week in August 2013. It was when the rates came out and that was the only time I have seen it online. Price was 4330 I think.

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