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    Default How about A new game of Late April "CN Hide&Seek"?'s my game idea...tell me what you think.

    If there's anyone going to be at CN who's leaving just before we arrive, how about hide something and we'll try to find it. Then we will hide it and those after us can restart the hunt. We can use this Msg board to leave clues for anyone who is coming in as we leave.
    Who's with me?!

    We are coming in 4/27 mid-morning.

    This would be like the Couples version of Geocaching!

    So if there's anyone leaving just prior to that, how about give us an idea of what we are looking for. Then you pick what info to drop from there.
    Obviously it would have to be in a common area and not in a room where we couldn't find it. Preferably covered for the rain, then it's your cleverness from there on...Any little stuffed animal or trinket or whatever would work great!

    C'mon, who's in!!!???
    If you wanna E-mail me with clues...use this one.

    (Randymon, Couples Managers, we solemnly promise not to junk up your resort with our little game)

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    You mean like on Survivor?

    I'm going in 2 days, what would you like me to hide, Ideas?


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