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    Default Your Three Favorite Things About Couples Negril

    What are the three things you love the most about CNG?

    Couples Resorts

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    Default Easy Question

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    What are the three things you love the most about CNG?
    1. The Jamaican People
    2. The great services they provide to us as guest!
    3. The relaxing environment (may be partially due to the location)!

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    1. Being there with my wife.

    2. Not just CN, but the way Jamaica changes me. My wife says she get on the plane with her husband but gets off the plane with a different man. <grin>

    3. Being treated by the staff as if they have been our friends for a lifetime.

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    #1 The scuba team. Ashrayn (Shrek), Richard, Alain, Karl (Sugar), Courtney, Jovane (Bubblicious), and Jermaine (Apache). After three dozen dives with these guys, they are hands-down our favorite dive team anywhere in the world.

    #2 The layout of the resort. This is the most user friendly resort we have ever been to. It is so quick and easy to get anywhere, and we love the centralized layout of the activities, bars, and restaurants. You don't waste a lot of time just trying to get around.

    #3 The food. We have been to resorts, both AI and not, all throughout the Caribbean, and this is the best food we have ever had. The selection is great with everything from fast, fried food to gourmet dinners.

    The convenience of CN is really what makes the resort so awesome. All of the inclusions create a value that you will not find anywhere else (except another Couples resort), but the convenience and ease of use at CN is really what sets it apart for us.
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    Only three?

    1. The take your breath away view when you first walk through the lobby and look out over the pool and ocean.
    2.The beach
    3. The beach

    The beach, the beach, the beach....

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    Of course the incredible staff takes all 3 spots hands down....since we all know this I'll list 3 other items in an attempt to answer your question..

    1. Food and drink selection flag etc..

    2. Size of beachfront area..

    3. Property cleanliness...never feel crowded...

    4. very tough to only list 3....

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    I love the beautiful grounds and the beach and the warm waters. I also enjoy the little trips into town and snorkeling as well as taking the catamarans out for a sail. For dinner, we always try to get a table at the Otaheite.
    Riley - looking forward to returning to Couples Negril

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    If it is just limited to three things. In no particular order. Our beachfront suite, the little guy (I am not able to remember his name, he is so sweet and just the best) that was our bartender on the AN beach, and of course all the food.
    We are going back to CSS this winter but are planning CN again for 2013.
    Thanks Couples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    What are the three things you love the most about CNG?
    Randy, I will let you know in 30 days!!!

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    Calamari on the beach, naps in the hammock, sunsets


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    1-nude beach

    We love everything. We aren't going this year and I miss it every day.

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    Sitting on my balcony and staring into the ocean
    The Staff at the Swim-Up Bar
    Negril Hills Golf Course

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    1. Being on Bloody Bay. Love the bay.
    2. The privacy. The way the resort is set up you can mingle if you want or hang back and do your own thing.
    3. It's Jamaica. The resort is beautiful. The beach, the flora and fauna on the resort, wildlife, etc.

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    Just returned from our first visit to CN earlier this week

    1 - The beautiful beach
    2 - The amazing food
    3 - The fanastic staff

    CSS - 2010 (our wedding)
    CSS - 20111
    CTI - 2011
    CSS - 2012
    CN - 2012
    ??? - 2013

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    1. The AWESOME staff
    2. The a/n beach
    3. The way I feel like I am back home as soon as I step off the bus.

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    For us it is the people, the atmosphere and the beach.

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    That wonderful wonderful perfect beach!!!!!!!!

    The pool, the view of the pool from the lobby when you first arrive!!!! Bring it on, love the swimup bar, the overall atmosphere of that pool is just hard to beat.

    Otaheite.... We always look so forward to our romantic dinner at Otaheite. Pumpkin Soup!!!!!

    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN 2013! Looking forward to Lychee and the Treehouse for the first time.

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    White Sand Beaches lapped by turquoise blue waters.
    Luscious gardens and palm trees all swaying in a gentle tropical breeze.
    The welcomed feeling of returning home to a staff that is anxious to please and pamper you.

    Thanks, I am now really home sick.

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    1) the food, mmmmm
    2) diving with the dive team
    3a) AN beach
    3b) layout of the resort

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    What are the three things you love the most about CNG?

    The Staff is AMAZING!!!!!
    The Resort Grounds are Beautiful
    Relaxation at its FINEST!!!!!
    Don & Denise

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    My three favorite things:

    1. Nachos on the beach in the afternoons
    2. The quiet at the dive pool in the afternoons
    3. Lychee martini after a day on the beach.

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    The view of the pool/ocean from the lobby as you first arrive!

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    AN area, beach, and amenities of the all-inclusive program.

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    The Bloody Bay, the pool bar, and the amazing staff. It is hard to just name three things!

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    The Beach, the food, and the most important one is the friendly staff.

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