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    Default Night Life at Sans Souci

    What is the nightly entertainment like at Couples Sans Souci

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    Its really what you make it. The Balloon Bar is usually rockin' and rollin' with dancing and drinking till at least midnight most evenings. I do not believe it is open the night of the Gala and Beach Party. The Beach Bar is open during the evenings too for just hanging out with others.
    My husband and I usually spend one or two evenings at the bar but quite honestly we're there to spend time with each other so we end up making our own entertainment!

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    Hi siwel1976,
    Nightlife at CSS can be as exciting or as quiet as you would like it to be. However there is no dedicated disco or lounge if that is what you're asking.

    On Tuesday evening after the Beach Party and on Friday Night after the Starlight Gala, there is an after party at the pool on SSB--no worries everyone has their clothes on! They have a DJ and it's lots of fun! The bar is open too of course! The other nights there's usually the house band with a singer at the Balloon Bar terrace, and they encourage you to get up and dance, until about 10:30 to 11pm. Then there is usually a sing along that's very popular. The pianist is amazing. One night is also casino night on the Balloon Bar terrace where they give you script to gamble with. I have to admit that after a long hard day of sitting in the sun and unlimited drinks, it's hard to keep my eyes open past 11pm!

    All the best!

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    The night life is perfect for us. The entertainment is music, singing and dancing. The bands and vocalists are very good. I would say the entertainment has something for everyone. Enjoy!

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    One of my favorite things about CSS is the nightlife. There is live music every single night in some form.
    We danced somewhere everynight except Monday on casino night and that night you go to Margaritaville and can dance there too.
    I loved dancing under the stars on the pool decks at SSB and the balloon bar.

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    We love to spend the end of our nite at the beach bar. We always get to meet some wonderful people late at nite. It is so quiet right on the beach and also can grab a burger and fries to take back to room for our nite cap sitting on our patio. It does not get any better than this

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    The CSS version of Showtime is performed outside by the pool next to the Balloon Bar. After that is the piano player inside the Balloon Bar. His name is Trevor and he is really good. Still wish they would have a bonfire one night like CSA does.
    The au natural beach would be a good spot for it. There is no nightclub like Aura Lounge or sports bar.

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