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    We have been to CSA 3 times in the last four or so years. Each trip has been different and have enjoyed each one in it's own way. We will always love CSA!! With that being said, we are considering trying a different Couples resort. We have not been to any of the others. Would do you guys suggest? Anyone been monogamous to CSA and tried something else? Did you regret it or would you do it again? Thanks in advance for your response!!

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    We've never been to CSA - no AN. Our first trip was to CTI (when it was COR). We absolutely loved it! We went back and still loved it. The third time we had it booked but were bumped to CN due to the renovations being incomplete. I was so disappointed but when we got to CN I fell in love with the place. We've been to CSS too and although we love SSB and the different room categories but we don't really love the stair master (lots of steps to get anywhere) and not really fond of the restaurants, but that's just us. Everyone has different reasons for loving their perfect Couples resort. We love Negril, love the food, love the weather, love the diving, love the people, love everything about it. If we got bumped to CTI or CSS we would not be upset though because there are things at both of those resorts that entice us - Tower Isle and SSB are wonderful and the staff is outstanding at all of the Couples resorts.

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    If you're REALLY REALLY into the beach & the white sand that stretches aways ..... I'd stick with Negril & try CN. We had been to Negril 3 times to other resorts that shall remain nameless when we went to CSA .... We Loved it .... The next year, we tried CN & LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT ..... went back to CN a couple more times but then did the SR & got CSS ..... It was OK but didn't love it due to the beach not being what we LOVED & some other differences even though it was a GORGEOUS resort so have been heading back to CN ever since with another trip already booked. You should venture out & try the other resorts .... They may not be the one you LOVE but they won't be a bad thing & you won't know until you try them .... You may find that one of the others is just your perfect paradise ..... If we hadn't tried CN after CSA, we would have thought it was ours but now we know better ......

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