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    Default Jhanel - The VERY BEST!

    Jhanel is not the best unfortunatly.....she is the VERY BEST!!! Sweet, neat and on the job. I only have one can you alway know when and what I want to drink??? Kisses girl! You are the very best.

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    We have to agree. We had a lot of fun with her last December when we were at CSS. If you really want to see her face light up, bring her some M&M's. She really likes them, and they are expensive in Jamaica.

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    DITTO - She was super last September to the Ivan Islanders. Hope to see her on the 16th when our group trades places from CTI (our original second home). Would love for her to work at CTI w/Damon who is also terrfic on TI.

    Thanks for the heads up on the M&M's.

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    We totally agree! She made our days at SSB rock. Such a sweetheart! Especially loved her riding the ice chest down into the bar - now that's Jamaican bobsledding!

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