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    Default Help: Anyone Currently at CSA?

    Long story short my husband forgot to pack his long pants, and we really wanted to try Feathers. If anyone is here and could lend us a pair of men's 38+ long pants for a couple of hours on Wednesday I would be eternily grateful. Thanks!

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    If you haven't already checked, he might be able to get some linen pants at the gift shop in the Great House... I did this once when all they had was the little shop in the lobby, and Feathers was still across in the Sports Complex... I still have those pants!

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    Hi Strube- We aren't there right now, but my husband did the same thing and boy was I a bit peeved since I had reminded him several times and wanted to try Feathers also. The good thing about Couples is they try to accomodate you if they can so we were able to eat at Patois but order off the Feathers menu so we got to try the food without being in Feathers after all. If you haven't already, you should ask them for this option. The food was very good!

    We will be back in 23 days and my husband has promised not to forget his long pants this time, but I kind of liked the way we did it before since we were able to eat semi-outside so we might ask them to let us do it that way again! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

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    The logo shop sells long pants.That happened to me a few years ago

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    My wife ALWAYS checks what i'm packing. I guess I stay out of trouble that way.

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    A quick shopping trip to the shops in Negril either through the resort or getting a cab should do the trick. Cabs with red plates are the ones to look for. A trip to Negril is probably $12-$15.

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    What actually happened was my husband packed two-thirds of his clothes and did another load of laundry with the intention of finishing packing the evening we left for the airport, but as you can guess that never happened.

    Thank you everyone who offered suggestions. Unfortunately with the spotty wifi I didn't get them until today, and we are no longer at CSA. I looked at the pants in the gift shop, but it wasn't really worth the cost. I love the suggestion about eating in Patios dining while ordering from the Feathers menu--will keep that in mind if it ever happens again. We ended up making another reservation for Lemongrass instead and adopted the mantra "no problem!"

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