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    Default how many jacuzzis/hot tubs are there at CSA?

    Just curious as to how many there are on the property? We are not huge fans of them, but we do like to relax in them after being in the pool or swimming in the ocean..The only problem I have with them at any resort or hotel are the amount of people that are in them at any given time, and they act like its for them exclusively, as if no one else are suppose to enjoy them, so I hope CSA has more than one..just a pet peeve of mine... my other question, how clean are they? that is another issue I have with them, because it seems like every time I get in one, the next day I have a rash and itch for days...
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    Hi there - I'm sure your post will get lots of hits. I can think of 4 but I think there are more: 1 at the sports complex (it's a whirlpool), one in the middle of the property and 2 on either of side of the pool at the Great House. They seem to be very clean - I've never had any issues. Sometimes the one at the sports complex has some leaves in it but it's right under a bunch of trees. They are all VERY relaxing.

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