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    Default Who has been to all four Couples?

    If you have been to all four resorts even on a day pass, how would you rate them from favorite to least? What made you choose the order you put them in?

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    1. CN - Love, Love, Love it
    2. CSS - Like it a lot
    3. CSA - It's okay
    4. CTI - Hated it
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    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015, CN 2016, CN 2018, CN2019

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    Every Couples Resort is special and has it's own unique character. CTI - newly remodeled, the island is beautiful, small and easy to get to everything. CSS - beautiful, lush grounds, lots of fun to explore and it has SSB. CSA - has our favorite room category, Atrium Suites, less social, so seemed more romantic to us, plus it is on a great beach if you like to walk a lot, the best workout area. CN - our favorite due to the beach, the ease of getting to everything around the resort and a very friendly group of guests. Truly, you can't go wrong with any of them. My vote is CN, CSA, CSS, CTI; my husband's order is CN, CSS, CSA and CTI.

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    1. CSA - the Atriums, eating out on the terrace at Lemongrass, the beach, the lap pool
    2. CSS - so beautiful and really hands-on management
    3. CN - the beach, the size

    a long way down

    4. CTI - just too hotel like for us and no tropical atmosphere, we shall not return
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    1. Css
    2. Cn
    3. Cti
    4. Csa


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    Our favorites are 1 CN
    2 CSS
    3 CTI
    4 CSA

    We had a bad experience at swept away a few years back so that is why is it on the bottom of the list.

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    CSA, CN, CSS, CTI... The first three are almost a tie with CTI bringing up last place alone...

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    My husband and I have been to all of them, but CSA is the one that we have gone back to. I also love CSS, but CSA is what we both enjoy...

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    Cti and cn for service. Cti for the island. Cn and csa for the beach- water. Csa and cn for food. Css for the views, ssb, and bars. Csa for the rooms, and cti for the great affordable beachfront views.
    I cant choose, so we will in the future either alternate trips, or do splits. I say css last, but its a toss up beyond that. The hubby would say cn last. Probably would vote csa and cti as tops.

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    1. CSS - very romantic and has SSB. Love the views and the private beach.
    2. CN - love Bloody Bay, you get the Negril beach but without too many non-Couples visitors/vendors
    3. CTI - like the private beach and has Tower Island (what more do I need to say!)
    4. CSA - although people rave about the beach, it's too open and public for us. Do like the sports complex there though.

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    My husband and I have stayed at CSA (7xs),CTI(1x),CSS(2x) and did 2 day passes to CN. My favorite is easy, CSA all the way! Ranking the rest is a little harder. But I"ll give it a try.

    1 CSA ~ Love everything about it, the beach, the location, my atrium suite, the grounds, the choice of restaurants etc...

    big gap

    2 CN~ I put CN 2nd even though we'll probably never stay there. I'm all about the beach and being in Negril so thats why I ranked it above the Ocho Rios resorts. And if I didn't know CSA was right down the street I"d be perfectly happy vacationing there. My husband would probably put CN last. Was not a fan
    3 CTI~ Our first Couples stay was at CTI when it was still COR. Loved it. Especially the view from our balconly and the "grand old hotel" feeling of the main building. We're booked again for a few nights there before we head to CSA in December. Hope it lives up to my memories.
    4 CSS ~ The grounds are beautiful and I really liked our penthouse suite. I'd also have to say(except for a few) the staff here were the best as far as customer service. They really did go the extra mile. I put it last because, like I said, I"m all about the beach and well... I"d rank its beach last of all the Couples Resorts.

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    As you can see from all the above it is a matter of personal choice and likes. I would suggest you narrow down what is most important to you and start, yes start, there as you will want to come back home to Couples again and again. In my order of best to beaches CSA , CN, CSS, CTI. Best pools CSS, CN, CTI, then CSA. Best tropical feel CSA (many buildings are like small villas and not a hotel feel), CSS, CN, CTI. Easiest to get around CSA, CN, CTI, CSS (lots of steps). Best fitness centers CSA (best in the Caribbean) others are tied. Best sunsets CSA, CN, CSS, CTI. Late night CSA (has the Aura Lounge, their nightclub for music and dancing until everyone leaves) others tied with no nightclub after evening entertainment.

    You will enjoy whichever you pick if you let yourself. Couples knows how to do all inclusives with the Jamaican feel.

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    CSA -- Our absolute FAVORITE. Been here 8x.
    CTI -- Love it here, too. Been here 2x. The service is above excellent. Best value, too.
    CN -- Been here on a day pass 3x, but enjoyed ourselves. Probably wouldn't say here since our first love (CSA) is just up the beach and prices are comparable.
    CSS -- Been here 2x. While it's lovely, and the service is excellent, it's just not our "thing." The food wasn't as good as CSA or CTI (imho) and we prefer either the rustic tropical rooms at CSA or the modern, south-beach flavor of CTI.
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    1. CTI - my heart, my love
    2. SanSouci - beautiful
    3. Swept Away - will let you know (going there on a split in June)
    4. CN - Hated it

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    1. CSA the beach, the rooms and the workout area.
    2. CN the beach, the pool and everything is close together.
    3. CSS (did not sleep here, only visited for the day) So romantic, you feel like you have the place to yourself.
    4. CTI the most social and felt busy but the view from the room is amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    Cti and cn for service. Cti for the island. Cn and csa for the beach- water. Csa and cn for food. Css for the views, ssb, and bars. Csa for the rooms, and cti for the great affordable beachfront views.
    I cant choose, so we will in the future either alternate trips, or do splits. I say css last, but its a toss up beyond that. The hubby would say cn last. Probably would vote csa and cti as tops.
    We have stayed ay all 4 over the past 6 years. In fact we have stayed at CSA twice, CN 3 times and CTI and CSS once each. August 12 is CTI and August 13 is CN. We hope CSS December 12 and CSA never again. Just not what we were looking for.

    1. CTI
    2. CN
    3. CSS
    4. CSA

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    We are planning to go to CTI next year (that will be the fourth).
    The big question for us is if we do a fourth vow renewal. (see the "3 out of 4, do one more" thread)

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    1. CN Great beach
    2.CSS Very romantic (it's almost a tie with CN)
    3.CSA Nice beach
    4.CTI Too hotel like

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    1 CTI x6 stays
    2 CSA x1 stay
    CN x1 stay
    CSS x2 stays and 3 day passes.

    CTI was our first and our favorite, plus we have so many freinds we meet up with each year.
    CSA had great choice of restaurants and the best couples massage we've ever had.
    CN we would have to try again to be able to make a firm choice of 3rd or 4th, not overly impressed the first time.
    CSS the lack of restaurants and a good entertainment area really puts it down on the list for us.

    Each of them are different and have good qualities.

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    We have been to all 4 but stayed at 2.

    CSS (stayed twice) and I have to say it is a very close tie to CN, but I love the grounds at CSS and the overall romantic feel of the resort, the Management here is outstanding, and the Friday Night Gala incredible! The spa area hard to beat! Every room has an ocean view.
    CN (stayed twice) the beach, the layout, the pool being the epicenter, I do love that pool, and Otaheite
    CSA (only toured) The beach the number of restaurant selections, We did not like that part of the resort is "across the street"preferred the wide beach to CSA's long one. I liked the feel of CSA, we plan to do a trade day there next year.
    CTI (did a trade day) lack of grounds, and too hotelish for us, loved the island though.

    I would stay at any of the 4 in a heartbeat, just our preferences in order and #1 & #2 can change places by the minute. I can't make up my mind which one I like more. I truly love them both for different reasons.

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    We have been to all 4, and CN and CSS are a tie for us- so this year we are going to both 5 days each -LOL
    CN for the Beach/water
    CSS for the Grounds - love the lush atmosphere
    CSA for honeymooners, no AU
    CTI- I agree to much of a hotel atmosphere, seems cold and sterile,

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