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    Default LF Photographers based from Ocho Rios

    So Misha, and Stacey charge extra for their travel time to Ocho, which I think is fair, but on top of the $500 fee/1/2 for Stacey I just cannot afford.

    So, I was wondering are there any outside photographers that are based in Ocho Rios that anyone has used?

    If not I am perfectly fine with using the CTI resort photographer, since they seem to take better pics then some of the other resort photographers...I just want more time, and more pics.


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    Hey there, have you heard of Digital Memories? I heard Diana Campbell is a good photographer that many people are using for their wedding or vow renuals. I'm not sure where she travels for pictures, but it won't hurt to look into it! I am going with Misha, and her packages include the $500 vendor fee. Hope this helps

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    I second that Diana is top of the line fantastic.

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    Default you HAVE to give Diana Campbell a call

    I just booked Diana Campbell for our ceremony @ CSS this December and after having chatted with her, I found she is just a lovely woman, a joy to talk with and by the time we finished I felt like I had been talking to an old friend. I am simply overjoyed and absolutely cannot wait to have her and her son preserve our memories. Now one less thing to concern myself with for our special day, I have complete confidence in her. Look on these boards for other samples and even search the old MB for her work - you will not be disappointed. Diana is so personable and her work is soooo beautiful. Her website is and she will contact you RIGHT AWAY and is uber accommodating. Her personality alone will seal the deal. Please give her a look see.

    K. Elder

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