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    Default Christmas Weather

    We have been to Jamaica the last three years in February and the weather has always been beautiful. This year, due to some scheduling issues, we are thinking of going during the week of Christmas. If you have been to Negril at that time, can you please tell me what the weather has been like during your stay. Our other option is April. Is one better than the other as far as weather goes?

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    Have been in Negril at that time for the last 7 years. It is Beautiful Number 8 soon come!
    Have never been in April.

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    Negril weather in December is like Negril weather most of the year! 80's during the day, 70's at night althouhg sometimes a little cooler. You might want to bring a light sweater along for nights on the beach if you get chilled as I do. We've been to CSA at both times, April and December at Christmas and found the most difference was the water temperature in December. Just a little cooler than April but still enjoyable. We were there at Christmas 2 years ago and the water was a more chilly than normal due to some stormy weather in the area. You will enjy your time no matter what the weather is, so no worry mon!

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    Love both of those months but the weather is slightly different. NO sure what resort you are considering but We go to Negril and I think the weather on that part of the island has less rain than over by OR. We were at CSA for New Years and found the weather to be quite nice. The temperature was perfect, warm during the day as well as in the evening with not much humidity. That made my hubby happy. We never turned on the A/C in the room or needed a wrap in the evenings. Rained a few times but not for long but found it a little breezer than usual a few days. Didn't impact our stay except for not being able to go out on dive or snorkle a couple of days. BTW, the NYE party was amazing. We've already booked for this year.
    I really like April (again I only know about the Negril side) too. It's hot during the day and warm into evenings. I like this time of year because it's warm and humid. I want to spend the whole day on the beach or in the ocean floating the day away. There can be some rain but it's usually later in the afternoon and doesn't last for long. I think it rains a little more often in April than it does in Feb but I like April because the water is warmer.

    It would be hard choice for me if I had to choose. I think in April you will probably get better weather if you like it hot but the NYE party can't beat.
    Good Luck.

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    Was at CN for a week this past wasn't as great as when we've gone in March. A "cold" front moved through for about 3 days bringing wind, cloud with some sunny breaks, and cooler breezes, as well as no water sports and lots of seaweed in the water along the shore and on the beach. I actually had goosebumps on the beach on several days!! Weather was worse in Ocho Rios ...they had complete cloud cover and lots of rain on a couple of those days!

    But, you can't predict or control the weather.

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    We spent Christmas and New Year at CN in 2010 and the weather was perfect, the ocean perfect, just like the resort itself. They really go all out for celebrating the holidays and we've never had a better time. We are going this December 22 to January 4 and are pretty confident everything will be perfect again. Now it's just the waiting...

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    Christmas at CN 2011 was SO PERFECT that we're doing it again this year ---- booked & counting down. We've been to Negril at all time of the year before since this was our 10th trip (#11 booked) ... December - Mid February ( for my b-day) - April - May - September ..... & our favorite time is December ..... WAY less humid .... the water may be a bit cooler but still warm enough & we have have had FABULOUS weather ..... CN at Christmas was SO FUN !!!!!!!!! The BEST Christmas EVER ...... & I'm normally a Bah Hum Bug. Can NOT wait for Christmas this year.

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