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    Default CN in July/August with a group- Room Upgrades, best view?

    We're booking a trip for July 28-Aug 1st at CN with a group of friends (couples). I'm planning this and I've noticed the upgrade from Deluxe Garden to Deluxe Ocean is very small. I'm curious about Beachfront deluxe? I know there are a few threads that cover this but what specifically is BD good for? Is it the same size as the other two?
    Also, we really like waking up to a room with a view of the water, so would BD be worth it for that reason alone? And I know we want to be in a convenient location, close to everything, so does that matter as to what type of room we book? We're not a quiet bunch so seclusion isn't a big deal.
    I wanted to look into the beachfront suite but it appears there are none available. I suppose I could book and keep checking with the resort in case one becomes available????

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    The ocean room,garden room and deluxe beachfront room are all the exact same room. The beachfront room really isn't beachfront. You have to lean over to see the water. The resort is small enough that you can get right on the beach or any restaurant quickly. Choose the garden view. We have stayed in them all and this is what we choose now. We went with a group one time and all of us were spread around the resort and it was kind of nice that way. You are going to love it.!

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