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    Hi there,

    I'll be celebrating my 5th year anniversary starting this Wednesday and I wanted to know if its necessary to take a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner.

    Thanks so much!!


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    I would, I found there wasn't quite enough provided in the rooms. Plus I like my own brand

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    I would bring what you use every day. I was not a fan of the shampoo and there was no conditioner. I had to buy the first trip, but brought my own the next time. I am not a hair person and just wash and go, but I found the shampoo provided lacking. It was basically my only complaint with the vacation and certainly not a problem. I will bring my own for trip number three in Jan.

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    Yes if you need conditioner, like I do. The shampoo provided is a conditioning shampoo - there is no separate conditioner.

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    It is provided but I brought all my ow hair products.

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    I have long hair, and am fine with the shampoo but bring my own conditioner. I wouldn't be too awfully picky about hair while in Jamaica... it tends to do what it wants with the humidity.

    Along with the shampoo/conditioner combo, they provided some nice after-sun gel, and I liked the body wash provided. The hair dryer was adequate for me.. I have long hair, but not super thick. Half the time I let it air dry since the humidity made it wavy soon after leaving the room regardless of what I did to it.

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    Definitely take conditioner. We usually buy shampoo and conditioner in the sundries store once we arrive at the resort, but at CSS last week, they had absolutely no conditioner. Fortunately, I was able to contact my sister while she was en route to the resort so that she could buy some for me. I would have been miserable without it.
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    I don't get why more hotels don't offer both conditioner and shampoo. I don't know a single woman who doesn't use it, and, heck, most men use it.

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    Wow, thanks so much for all of your responses, I'm going to pick them up right after work.

    Thanks Everyone!!!

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    No need to bring any shampoo, they supply all you need, unless you want a special brand or type.

    They supply Conditioning Shampoo, After Sun gel Aloe Vera, and body Lotion. Aloe Vera. They replace them as required.
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    Thanks for the pic jon!!

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    If you aren't too picky you can get away with the shampoo there, but most definitely bring a good conditioner.
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    The only thing I bring is a small bottle of conditioner. The sun and salt and sand can be a little wearing on you hair. Other than that I use all of Couples products.

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