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    Default Is Andrew leaving CN?

    We were at Couples Negril at the end of May this year. I'm sure he told us that he is leaving to go to school. Did I dream this? If he actually is leaving for school, is he coming back?
    He makes the trip so much better!!

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    Too funny - every time we are at CN Andrew tells us he is leaving to go to ..... well, it's always someplace different. But every time we return- there he is...
    So, only time will tell.
    Art xo Francine

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    We talked to Andrew quite a bit while we were at CN this July. He told us he was leaving to go to school at the end of the summer. It didn't sound like he planned to return to CN. He's got some really big plans for his future!! He is so much fun!! We will miss him the next time we go to CN!!!

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    Andrew going to school ?????????? I thought he was going to be a male model . When we were there last in September 2007 he even showed us some pictures ............. Anybody else see them? We thought for sure that was his next career move. With that personality, he is definitely headed for big things. CN would be wise to keep him around. He was one of the highlights of our trip.

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    Sadly, Andrew left Couples sometime the middle of this month. We keep in touch with him via Facebook. Right now he is looking for a part-time job, and waiting for school to start.

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    Its is unfortunate for Couples but all the best for Andrew. He has left CN to attend university in Kingston. He will be focusing on school and does not think he will be returning to CN. However he assures us that the new crew will be great! Andrew will be missed.

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    What is Andrews last name? So we can find him on facebook!

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    We were just there the end of July. Andrew said that he was leaving to go to school and that it started in September. He said that he was studying for a career in hospitality. I'm hoping he comes back when he graduates.
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    It's probably not my place to say here on the MB. Even thought FB's search options are rather lacking, if you try searching things like Andrew, Couples, Jamaica... you'll find him.

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    Andrew's last name is Davis. I will forever miss his "Work, work, work it like a factree".

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