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    Default Massachusetts Couplesholics UNITE!

    OK All you Massachusetts Couplesholics you got the word that the NEW Message Board is up and working.

    It's time to be heard that you still exist.

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    Default just the beginning

    Oh yes we do!

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    crabracers Guest


    We are on board and on the board.


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    9 SingLe DiGiTs LeFt!!!!!!...FoR OuR 1sT TriP To CSS!!!!!!

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    Default Scott and Pam

    From Milford, MA - we have booked our second trip to CN.

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    Hi Jim
    Made it over... still trying to figure the new MB


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    Do I sense the nucleus to the 2010 Massachusetts/Jamaica PAR TAA building?

    Shhhhhhhhhhh Jean will kill me.

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    If you plan it we will come. AND we will add it to the new event calendar. I'm just sayin'

    Couples Resorts

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    Oh sure put the pressure on me now!

    Hey wait! Richie we found a bartender!

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    Hi All - I like the new message board! Hope all is well with everyone!

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    Hi All! I'm not sure if my first post will post - I don't see it. Hope everyone is well! I love the new message board and David and I are ready for a Massachusetts Party!! I know, we missed this year and we are so mad that we did!!

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    Default Hello there everyone!

    so glad Jim has volunteered to plan next years Par taa. don't worry, we wont tell Jean.

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    We are ready for the 2010 Partaaaa!

    Booked for October 2010- so excited
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    Default massachusetts

    we are on the new board! we are from the cape and have been to couples - i cant even remember right now how many times - a lot!
    and are looking forward to jan 2010...stay in touch if you do any mass parties!

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    [FONT="Calibri"]Hi all - I tried posting last night, but apparently it didn't work - not sure why. Anyway - hopefully this time it will work. I think I like the new message board - I guess it depends on whether or not my post appears, LOL! We are ready for a Massachusetts party for sure!! Sorry to have missed the last one! Well, I'll check in to make sure this posted...

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    Jim! You said you weren't going to do this!! And I don't think Jean will kill you....she had too much fun the last time.
    Tom and I are in for the next PAR TAA!!

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    I'm still trying to post - I'll apologize now if all my previous posts show up at once. Not sure what to do if it doesn't work...but if it does, I'll post with more...

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    We are going for our 6&7th Couples vacation this year and have next October booked already. Got to love those specials.

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    If there is enough interest for another Massachusetts/Jamaica PAR TAA cough I'll do it!

    Same place, same time MORE people and perhaps the banquet room?

    Don't tell Jean I said this!

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    Count us in! We will be looking forward to it!

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    Like last time I need the expressed interest of those wanting to attend before I move ahead with any planning. We would need atleast 15 hard case Couplesholics to make it work.

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    OHHHHH will be hard not to tell Jean!! She is my family after all, you know.
    There is NO WAY that you aren't planning this! I know you can't resist!! And yes, the same place and same time is perfect! It was great last time. Maybe the whole weekend this time? I betcha we can get a lot more couples this time....what do you think?

    I can see your wheels turning!!!

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    The wheels are turning.

    Whole weekend is a possibility just have to see where the interest is.

    I would hope that there would be enough interest to maybe do the banquet room.

    We will see.

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    Wow, So many from MA. We're from the Cape. Went to CSS last year. Going to CSA in September and just booked for September, 2010. Love Love Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OK OK I guess this is where I open mouth and insert glass of rum.

    All you Massachusetts Couplesholics if you are interested in the 2nd Annual Massachusetts/Jamaica PAR TAA drop me an email of interest. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

    Last year we held our PAR TAA the first day of spring at the Radisson located in Plymouth.

    If you are interested let me hear from you.

    I know that there are plenty of Massachusetts Couplesholics out there. So let me hear from you!

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