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    Default Club MoBay lounge ?

    Does anyone know what kind of food and beverages they have in the Club MoBay lounge?

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    We were just there yesterday so my mind is still fresh. They had coffee, sodas, any alcoholic drink you wanted, and teas. We were there between 10:00 am- 11:45ish. Early on they had pastry, cereal, and muffins. By about 10:30 or so they brought out some bruschetta, small sandwiches, fruit, chips, cookies, etc. There was always plenty for all. Also there was a person from Margaritaville that would take orders and go on a meal run for you. We did not do that because there was plentyof other things. MoBay Club was roomy, cool and quiet. TV available and some magazines- although they were a it outdated. We would go back there on our return trip. The priority lane was amazing- very quick. The signs to the clubs are sparse so if you go head for gate 10 and go down the elevator 1 floor. Enjoy!

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    Good-Day Ninny,

    We have a full premium bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including tea's and coffee's, our snack counter offers selections of finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and pastries (we serve a light continental breakfast in mornings in place of the sandwiches), there are also chips and nuts available.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on our lounge.



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    We have used Club Mobay twice. The first it was around lunch time, so they had sandwiches, chips, and fruit available for free. The drinks at the bar are free too, but a tip is expected. I was super hungry, so I ordered off a menu that the Club hostess provided from a restaurant in the airport--I ordered a burger --- but I can't remember what restaurant was used--and they brought my food to the lounge and I used a cc to pay for it. The Lounge has the menu if you want to go that route.

    The second time our flight was in the morning and we were there for breakfast. They had bagels, mini muffins and I think banana bread, juices and milk. As before, you could order breakfast off the menu for a fee. I was sooooo depressed about going home that I ordered a double shot Bloody Mary extra spicy and felt a little bit better! I gave the bartender a nice tip it was an excellent Bloody Mary!!

    Have a great trip!

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    Club MoBay was excellent. Especially on a 3 hr wait. They had wifi access, good finger foods, fruits, yogurt, granola, nuts, etc. We had a big meal at couples, and then hit the bus, hit Club MoBay and had a few snacks which carried us over until we got the the US. It was very worth the price if you have a long wait.

    Wifi at couples was really poor our last trip so I pretty much surfed and caught up on emails the entire time which made those few hours just fly right by. We left CMB 30 min before we needed to get on the plane, picked up our rum cream and hopped on our flight. Could not have been a better experience.

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    My wife and I tried it and didn't really feel it was worth the money...Granted drinks are free...the free food is finger sandwiches and fruit (apples, bananas), teeny pastries..and I couldn't figure this one out..Banana Chips!
    Don't get me wrong it's nice in there and comfortable seating etc but I'd rather spend the money and sit in a restaurant in the terminal.

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    Thank you all for the responses. This was most helpful. Coming home to couples negril in 5 and a half days.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    Could someone give me some information on Club MoBay? How do you sign up, what does it cost, etc.?

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    We bought the tickets at the resort at the check in- check out area the day before we left. They cost $30.00 each. There are only a certain # of tickets sold for the time frame you will be in the club so it does not get overcrowded. When you get to the airport checkin with your airline and go towards the customs and immigration line. The club respresentative is right near the entrance to immigration on the left.
    Since we had only carryons we used the internet at CSA to print our boarding passes so we went straight to immigration when we arrived.

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    We did Club MoBay this year at the begining of February. Loved it and gotta say it's well worth the $30 a head. An excellent first class lounge - has everything you hope to find in an airline 1st class lounge or club, even a Spa. Good bar, good snacks and other beverages, plus other food can be ordered. Modern excellent decor. Very comfortable. TV's, WiFi some art displays. great bathrooms with showers. Even a glass walled kids playroom, which we would not be using!! But nice that kids could play, be watched by their parents, but not disturb anyone else. But I was surprised that no one seems to have mentioned the best value of all. Fast track through Immigration and Security!!! Granted it was our 30th anniversary this year and we flew 1st class, so check-in was a matter of no time. But from the time we entered the terminal building to being in the lounge was less than 10 minutes (it's between gates 9 and 11). We almost felt guilty being escorted to the front of each line ....... almost :-) They do a great job at Sangster these days but given the size of the facility and the sheer volume of travellers going home, the waiting in line can be long. We thought the fast track was worth the $30 on it's own. Some ex- Sandals employees we know so well who now work there came out to greet us too, which was a bonus, but all the employees in the lounge were super - just like you expect at any of the quality resorts. There are probably a few ex-Couples people there too! We thoroughly recommend it.

    And for the record- see my first post in the general board - we are loyal annual Sandals guests like you guys are loyal Couples guests, but looking for additional different trips. So no debate or comparisons - just looking for good info on Couples on it's own merits as our potential alternate.

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    Okay, this thread convinced me. I'd been debating it, but quite frankly I can drink the $30 fee easily, even if it's 10am, since I'm a nervous flier. I'm going to add them for my May trip!

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    I suggest only buying your Club Mobay pass at Sangster after you have checked your luggage and are moving toward the Security Lines. Sometimes it is worth the $ just to get through the security line more quickly, but what we have found is that if your bus ride is delayed to Sangster due to traffic or some other issue, or if the airport counter lines are long/slow you might find that you have very little time left between arriving at the airport and rushing to your gate. If you buy in advance you may find you don't really have time to spend in the lounge. If you plan to buy at the airport, you can easily still do so but you can also get a feel for how much time you have to kill between your airline counter and needing to be at your gate before spending $30 per person only to have to skip the lounge to make your flight. To me the lounge is worth every cent of the $3o if you have time to eat and drink and are not setting aside time for shopping, but it you have to rush through it's not really worth it.
    Just keep an eye on your time.
    Respect and good travels-

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