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    Default Booking things at CSA??

    My fiance and I want to do everything in the 11 days we are there! lol

    Seriously...we want to do the catamaran cruise (probably more than once), scuba diving (probably the afternoon dive because I'm NOT a morning person), sailing lessons, wind surfing lessons, water skiing lessons (for me, he's already good at it, dinners at Lemon Grass and Feathers, and snorkeling.

    I have two questions:

    1. How far ahead of time can you book these activities?
    2. How far ahead of time do they book up?

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    Dinner can be booked 3 days in advance (you can not book multiple nights at one time...if you want tues and weds at Feathers you'll need to schedule one then go back to schedule the other the next day). The cat cruise can be booked whenever...make sure you read the papers they give you in your room...some things don't happen on certain days because other things are going on

    We had no trouble booking anything for the day/time we wanted. I'd say know what you want to do before you get there. Then, once in your room review the weekly activity list to see what days things happen/don't happen, then go visit the concierge I'm sure things are full sometimes but I've been there twice and never been told I can't do something on a certain day-maybe have to pick a different time than I originally planned but I've never been completely out of luck. If you are planning your week I'm sure you will have lots of flexibility and options as long as you don't want to do everything the day after you arrive - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Watersports, other than scuba and snorkel, are pretty much "on-demand", if the weather is right. Just check in at watersports on your first day and get all the skinny from them. Just review and sign the liability release on day one, and you're good for the length of your stay.

    Dinner at Feathers or LemonGrass can be reserved at the concierge, as well as the catamaran cruiseand cab rides; spa treatments are reserved across the street; excursions at the tour desk.

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    Thanks guys.

    Chris, aren't you going to be at CSA mid-May too?

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