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    Default CSA....Where to visit during walks on the beach?

    We will be at CSA in May. If we are taking a long walk on the beach, where are the best places to go that are within a reasonable walking distance (1/2 hour each way)?

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    Bumping this up cause we'd like to know too... no 1/2 hour limit for us...

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    OK.. I had a long post ready to go and "poof" I somehow lost it. I'll try again, if this is a double post ignore me.
    Walk to the left (if your facing the water) you'll immediately come upon many small shops, vendors,bars and restaurants. A couple places that are "must dos" for me are Niahs for patties and Masons stand for carvings, Mason is a REAL carver and even if your not in the market to buy you should at least take a look at his work.Both are located in the Wavs lot. Kuyaba is a great place to stop for a drink at the bar. They have cool rope swings instead of stools. We usually make it to Kuyaba once every trip for either a meal or a drink. Another good place for souvenir shopping is a stand called Lindseys Originals. He has a nice assortment of things and makes some really nice t shirts. There are too many other places to mention, just walk and stop at whatever catches your eye. You never know what you'll find. There is a really great map of Negril that has everything on it, I thought I had it saved on this computer but can't seem to find it. If no one else posts it I"ll post it when I find it. It was extremely helpful to me my first couple trips to Negril. Oh.. one more thing. Instead of walking back on the beach, go to the road and start walking back . There's a lot more places to see there,Best in the West is a popular place for jerk chicken, and if you get tired grab a taxi back to CSA. Be sure it has RED license plate and set a price before you get it. It's 100j(roughly $1.25 us) each for a shared"route" ride or for a private ride $5 is usually accepted.
    On another day you can take a walk to the right of CSA. Mainly just other big AIs but there is a place called Cosmos thats not far. Great conch soup and festival.
    And don't forget about the cliffs. Whole other world up there!

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    The beach IS the place to go! The water's edge is public the whole length of the Seven Mile Beach and it is interesting to pass by all the other resorts and small restaurants along the way. Heading north (right turn) are mostly other large name resorts ending at Hedonism II. South (left turn) takes you past a few smaller hotel/restaurants that you would need to bring money to buy drinks and food as well as a few small shops for souvenires, etc. Some tables are set up right on the beach for the usual beads, shells, wood carvings, and shirts. After exploring the length of the beach and seeing all the other resorts you will be comforted to know you are staying at the best one of all...CSA!

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    There are one or two places along the way we would stop for a Red Stripe. Sometimes we would stop at some of the vendors and buy something from them. I have had a couple beautiful bracelets they made just for me when I stoped and I absolutley love them. On the road side of the resort we life to walk down to Best of the West and have jerk chicken and a beer. Great little place on the side of the road. If you are interested in Harley's there is a Harley Davidson right down the road also, walking distance.

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    Go towards Negril and stop in all the local bars to chat with the locals. It is a really fun time.

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    It's been pretty dry our last two trips, but when we started going to CSA we invented a game for walking down the beach. We used to go walking to the south when we saw the rain clouds forming. We would walk until it rained and then just go right into the nearest bar. We found so many cool little places doing this! Personally, I like Tony's, and the bar at Idle Awhile (owned by Jane Issa.). Do a google search for a map of Negril and you should find a PDF of a map put out for free by some local folks. This map is pretty comprehensive and is a great resource for exploring Negril beyond the happy confines of CSA.

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    Great question Stacie, we will be there in May as well.

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    For starters, I'd suggest the bar at Aqua and Tony's Hut.

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    I'd love to know as well. Will be there in 16 days and am willing to walk for over an hour.
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    My wife and I will walk the beach most days and tend to shy away from the chains, like Margaritaville, in favor of the local places. Alfred's is a favorite of ours but its probably a 45 minute to hour walk from CSA. We walk till thirsty or hungry and stop in for a drink or bite and then head back. Most places people are more than willing to share stories about Jamaica and we always make new friends. We've been coming to Jamaica for 15 years and stayed at CSA the last 8 or so years. You will be approached by vendors of everything under the sun, but a polite no thanks or we're taken care of will usually be sufficient. Highly encourage you to venture off property and experience the real Jamaica, well worth it.
    Jack & Donna

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShanenJas View Post
    Bumping this up cause we'd like to know too... no 1/2 hour limit for us...
    I don't have a limit on the way out, but if the walk involves a stop at a bar, I have a limit on the way back. LOL

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    An excellent resource is the map that was mentioned by one of the earlier posts. You can go to TA or better yet to Talk of the Town Negril's or's websites... TOTT is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and one of the owners was instrumental in getting development started on the map. One of the mods at TA also worked hard to get it publicized.

    As far as I can tell, the map has been well maintained over the last 2 or 3 years, keeping up with the various changes in establishment names and ownership for properties on the Seven-Mile Beach, Norman Manley Boulevard, and on the Cliffs Road/West End Drive/One Love Drive strip. Try a Google search on "Negril Map"... maybe that will give you all a lead.

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    Negril Tree House has a cool bar/restaurant right at the edge of the water.

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    Here is the map of Negril that is very's about 4 years old now, so a little outdated but a lot of it is still the same:
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