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    Default October? and Fall Head Over Heels Deal?

    Hi Everyone,

    I really need some help in making a huge decision

    My fiance and I are going on our honeymoon to CSA. Originally, we were planning on going sometime in November.

    I looked into the 'Fall head over Heels' deal that ends Oct 31(travel). It turns out we can save about $500 in total if we went with this deal. However, we would be going about 3 weeks earlier.

    So, what I am wondering is:

    Will those 3 weeks make a difference in weather? I know that the end of hurricane
    season is November and that made me more comfortable than going in October.
    I've heard Nov is an awesome time for weather. Is October comparable?

    Will it be a lot busier during October compared to November?

    With the deal you get $300 credits. We'd be looking to upgrade to an Atrium Suite.
    Does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to upgrade to that? Would it be
    difficult to get an upgrade (availability)? And could you upgrade when you book or
    would you have to wait until arrival?

    I think that is all. We are mostly concerned about the weather, hurricanes and lots of rain.

    Thanks for all taking the time to read this, commenting and helping us make an important decision

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    I cant say what the prices at CSA will be since we now only go to CSS. But I can tell you there is really no difference in the weather between Oct and Nov we alternate between those months each year, perfect for laying around and letting sand gravity take the day away. The weather is pretty much the same for each month. We have never had bad weather in the 10 years we have been going. Usually you will get rain in the afternoon for about an hour then it moves on. We have only had one or two days in 10 years that it rained all day, but we go with freinds so we hung out and played cards.

    I think that to use the resort credits for a room upgrade you have to wait till you get to the resort, the nice thing about Oct and Nov is that is the slow time of year so usually the resort is only at 80% or less occupancy which would give you more of a chance of an upgrade on site. If you want to gaurentee that room I would book it and pay for it and use your resort credits on the spa or gift shop.

    My advice to you is go earlier and save the money.

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