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    Default question for Randyman- our flight got changed- Couples never notified us!

    We booked CTI package through your website (Wednesday special) back in September 2011, and got a confirmation with flights, etc 5 days before we left. However when we got to the airport (at 3:30am!), we were told that we had been changed to a later flight. They said that "Cardinal Travel", apparently a middleman-agency, had made the change back in Jan, and they sent a "Que" to Couples. Well, some mis-communication occurred, and like I said, we were never notified.
    In the end, we made it to Couples and had a wonderful vacation, but I wanted you to be aware of this. I am a bit leary now to book this way online in the future. It is better to book Couples separately from air? Considering that we booked way back in September, why would they bump us on the flight instead of someone who would have booked at a later date? I did talk to someone at the main desk at CTI, but did not get any answers.
    Thanks! I appreciate your help!
    Judi and Jim

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    Hey- me again... I never got an answer to this. We are working on booking next year, so would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Randym0n. Judi and Jim

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    Judi and Jim,

    My wife and I always book the stay thru Couples and the airflight thru the respective airline. (My wife is great at searching the web for the best prices.)

    Enjoy your next stay. We leave in 7 days for CN.

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    We leave April 21 and booked back in February. American Airlines changed our flight time to a little earlier and the Couples page did update with the new flight times. They didn't notify me directly but if you check your itenirary on the Couples page it does show you if there are changes. So my suggestion would be to just double check that before you leave out again. I check probably once a week with Couples and the airline website to just make sure nothing has changed. Hope this helps!

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