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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    IIRC, the unofficial "record" is 14...I've only managed 12, but was able to make the manager's cocktail parts, dinner, and show at CSS.
    That is too funny, when we were there (CSA) in 2010 we were also told the record was 14, I have no interest whatsoever of trying to break it, next visit in 8 days 17 hours 51 min 28 sec.....not that I am counting or anything

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    Make it your "opening act" rather than your late in the day "headliner". That way you can gauge your reaction. I made the mistake of sunning all day, drinking several red stripes, then topped it off with a Marley a bit before the repeaters dinner. I believe the food at that dinner was wonderful but I think my wife and everyone else at the table was having more fun watching me try to keep my eyes open through dinner.
    ~You stay CLASSY Asheville!~

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    They are very strong and gross! But you must try one. Even though I thought it was nasty I will be drinking another one the next time I go, it's a must! I was drunk after it but I had been drinking red stripe all day If you do get one, ask for a straw...the lady that I drank it with said the straw is a must to get it all down and it seemed to help.

    Hope this helps!

    Emily (first timer)
    Couples Swept Away 2012

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    Ahh yes, the dreaded Marley shots. Don't drink near an open flame.

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    If you aren't a big drinker it will get you drunk. Regardless it's a very nasty drink. The only thing I've had that is almost as bad is a Salty Dog (Blech), the tradition of a Couples buddy. I have a picture of me trying that somewhere - ugh!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    My wife and I had one at the resort, drank it like any other shot and it tasted like Nyquil on steroids. I am a big Bob fan and my wife surprised me with a honeymoon gift of going on the 9 mile tour to Bob's resting place. Of course they have a bar there and we had a different experience there. It seems that because of liability reasons the resorts cannot allow the bartenders to light them on fire like they do at 9 mile and you use a straw to drink them from the bottom up. Drinking it that way was a totally different experience and was actually quite enjoyable. Even if it isn't on fire, I suggest drinking them at the resort with a straw from the bottom up. Ya Mon

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    At CN in February, they were serving the Bob Marley shots while I was there with a straw to drink, well at least at the swim up they were. That's the only place I get one and only one, well almost always.

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    Well done :-)
    My response would be don't do it!!!!! Just watch everyone else :-)

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    I respect the "Bob Marley" Shot so much that I have a tattoo of one. We finish each night with a "Bob" home soon for some "Bob".

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    Ask for a "Baby" Marley!

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    they are strong, they are not something I plan to do more then once per visit

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash7502 View Post
    and you use a straw to drink them from the bottom up.
    This is the proper way to do them at any location. I wonder if the complaints on the taste come from people just tipping a glass up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sndtrevino View Post
    Said with a Jamaican smile "ya mon dis drink will have you singing like bob himself." try a ziggy which is a junior bob marley....
    I agree - try a "Ziggy" instead! It's a smaller version and lots of the ladies drink them instead of the Bob. I always say it's like nail polish remover, gasoline and rum - YUCK! But a "must do"!

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    Default Bob Marley Pic

    Attachment 16439I just wanted to show you my Bob Marley picture. It was raining one afternoon and we met a great group of people gathered around the bar. Someone suggested we all have a Bob Marley and we promptly ordered 15 Bob Marleys. The bartenders didn't even blink. They just lined up the glasses and made these beautiful drinks. It was one of my most favorite afternoons at CN.

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    Notice the size difference of the glasses in Jimnmariann's pic. The ones in those big glasses will kick your tail.

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    There are two schools of thought on how best to drink a "Bob"... Per our friend Lisa Pearce, one of them is "Wisconsin" style... this is my preferred method, and while it does raise the eyebrow of the afficianado, it does draw some ooooh's and aaaaah's. In this method, one simple tosses the whole thing back and swallers it in one gulp. The other is "Capleton" style, using a straw to draw it across one's tastebuds from the bottom up; short people (normally the ladies) will use a modified position, kneeling on the bar stool (hey, those straws are long).

    Using either method, you'll find yourself speaking natural Patois like a born-and-bread Jamaican after about three "Bobs".

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Segueing now to Bob Marley, the person. We just saw the newly released documentary "Marley" today.

    We're somewhat fans and have seen several documentaries, including a surprisingly thorough one at Couples awhile back. This one was well worth seeing.

    Chris - given your MB tag and past posts, I'd guess you're a much bigger fan than us. The movie is in limited cities currently, but if it is in your area - go see it.

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    The Bob Marley shots are not as strong as they taste. They have a mint-fresh taste. It does not overwhelm you if you are a strong drinker.

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    rudi... my bride left for NC on 4/20 to visit our son, but we're planning on seeing it "On Demand" with our cable outlet (which is carrying it) when she returns! I've been waiting for its releast for about 3 months!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    ... we're planning on seeing it "On Demand" with our cable outlet ...
    I might look into that option as I may want to see it again. There are a fair number of humorous points - which surprised us.

    Someone (Bunny Wailer??) gives an interesting and sort of funny explanation of the origins of "If you are the big tree, We are the small axe".

    When you see it let us know if you've ever heard that story before (apparently a similar story is told in Timothy White's "Catch A Fire", which we've not read).

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