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    Default "Getaway to Jamaica's Only Resort with a Private Offshore Island"

    This was the message subject line from a mass emailing from one of the other all inclusives.

    They even have it on the webpage for that location and in the email.

    Do they not know of the best, most famous, originall All-inclusive with a private island in Jamaica, Couples Tower Isle? How can they possible claim that?

    I don't why I get their emails, I should unsubcribe as I'll never go there over Couples.

    Maybe Couples should put them on notice.

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    Well, depends. Maybe it's a private island where everyone is welcome. The CTI island is only for nudes and that doesn't appeal to everyone.

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    Yea, we've been to "that" resort and their private island. It was nothing like TI and we are so happy that since then we found TI!

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    Remember the line from the movie that jump started Tom Cruise's career? "Risky Business"?

    There is a line in that movie that I think is appropriate here. " Sometimes, you've just got to say, WTF"

    I have already sent a note to S to stop with the blatant lies. This is just silly....

    OF COURSE, they are not the only ones with a private offshore island. Tower Isle ROCKS!

    Zambam - Unsubscribe is a good idea... :-)

    Couples Resorts

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