First, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful posts on the MB! They are all so helpful. My Fiancé is constantly laughing at me because of how much time I spend on here!!

Anyways, my fiancé and I will be arriving at CTI on 8/20/12- 8/27/12 for our honeymoon and I have been looking at the activity schedule on the website trying to get an idea of how much time we will have for extra excursions (through Chukka) ect...So we were wondering if anyone could give us any information on the tie dying, wood carving, weaving, and cooking classes that the resort offers. Are they worth it? Any information on these activities would be wonderful.

Also, we were wondering how the BINGO Bonanzas work and what they are like. I love BINGO at least and hope it is something fun to do. Again, any information on this activity would also be great.

Can't wait for CTI!!

Thanks a bunch!