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    Default Weather in Negril lately

    We are going home to CSA April 28th-May 5th and can't wait! Just wondering how the weather in Negril has been so far this spring if anyone has been recently and would like to comment.

    I live in KY and we typically have spring flowers (daffodils, tulips, etc) around the same time that we we will be in JA but this year we seem to be 2 month early on the nice warm weather and by May all of our blooming flowers will be gone I think! The folks at the Kentucky Derby are going to have to plant something new just to make it look as festive as usual! It has been crazily mild this winter and spring and we have already beaten high temp records held for 50 yrs or more. Has Negril seen warmer weather and perhaps more or less rain than usual this time of year? I know there is no way of knowing what will happen come late April/early May, just wondering if it is trending to look like it might be as hot as it typically is there in July/Aug with maybe a bit less rain since things have been out of wack in our part of the world...

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    Good question, I'd like to know too. It seems Oho is two month ahead of schedule as well, does that mean that in July the weather will be like it is in Sept? Or because it doesn't really change in Jamaica, there has been no real impact?

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