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    Default Trip from Mobay to CN at night

    We're flying into Montego Bay Tuesday, headed for CN. Our flight doesn't land at MBJ until 7:30, so our ride to CN will be in the dark. Do we need to be worried about security on the trip, or should we just sit back and enjoy the ride?

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    Enjoy. The driver will need to go a little slower since it will be dark, but there will likely be less traffic in the few bottleneck places, so it won't take much longer than going in daylight.

    As for the security question.... I think you may have been misled about how dangerous it is to take the Couples shuttle from Sangster to your resort. The only thing I would advise is the same advice I would give someone visiting and unfamiliar place anywhere... if you do a beer/restroom stop on the way don't wander around alone where there are no lights or other travellers. Just like you would do in a an unfamiliar place in any other country. Common sense it the key.

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    Haven't traveled from MoBay to CN in the dark but it may be better because it can be a little scary to watch these guys navigate the roads...even during the day. No need to worry about security during the drive. The driver will get you there safely. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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