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    Default money for trip??

    Just curious how much money I should bring with us. Seeing how all is included?? Any thoughts?

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    First you need some tip money during your trip for non Couples employees. $2 per bag at airport for baggage handlers, tip for your driver to the resort and back, catamaran trip, and the spa. There is a shopping trip to Negril if you are interested. Do not try to tip the Couples employees as they could lose their job due to it. I know the service is great and you will want to tip some of them but just remember their names for the comment sheet when you leave. Other than that it depends on are you planning to leave the resort? Walking down the beach there are some local restaurants for a local flair or small shops set up by locals to purchase souvenirs, carvings, shells, etc.
    Try looking at this link to see some off site excursions:

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    We have gotten it down to $250 per trip and always bring some home.

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    Just kind of passing this on. We have not been there but have been reading this faithfully for about a month. A while back there was a post about this subject. I am glad we found it because apparently we were going to bring way too much money. We were initially planning to bring $2000 for the 8 days now after all that we have read we are only bringing $400 in small unmarked bills :-)

    If you look and do a search you should be able to find the thread that talks about this.

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    Depends on what kind and how much of the "non-inclusive" stuff you want to do...

    If you go "off-campus" to do any shopping... bring money. Walk the beach and want to stop at a bar... bring money. Go out on an excursion... go golfing... Rick's, Margueritaville... all cost money. Spa at the resort... money (although that one you will put on your room tab and settle up afterwards)... night snorkel... you guessed it.

    So, while Couples may not be ALL-inclusive, they just can't cover your tab when you're out and about.

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