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Thread: Secrets of CSA

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    Heading to CSA on July 2nd on our Honeymoon! 2nd trip to Jamaica, first time to Negril and Couples!
    I wanted to bump this thread, and also to Thank EVERYONE for their posts! I am an admitted message board addict, and all of your tips and secrets have made the long stress filled wedding planning easier (with getting to marry my best friend, and going to CSA within 3days, I feel like I'm hitting the Jackpot)! Thanks and any additional posts are appreciated!
    One love Cpuff

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    Bump. Great information. 3 sleeps and a bag pull!

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    Just under a year until we return! This thread is getting me so excited!
    Running barefoot along the beach is something I can't wait to do again. Then come back and drink a coconut from sea grapes. When that's done, have them make you a smoothie and take it to the bar to put a bit of rum in!!! Perfection

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    Great suggestions- beer taps, ice cream, books for reading.....will be there in December....

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    Try Lemongrass Restaurant. The first couple years we didn't. Last year we will be one of the first places we go this January (and will try to get there twice).

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    Keeping it at the top can't wait to come in June 2014. I love all the secrets.

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    Breakfast on the beach!! We ordered our room service bright and early one morning, secured ourselves a palapa, then carried our breakfast tray out to the sand for a lovely shaded breakfast with a breathtaking view! Just remember not to bring anything breakable with you. Also to make breakfast extra special, order sparkling wine in your mini bar for morning mimosas in bed!

    If you're a kitty lover, don't forget to bring some packets of kitty food and request a 1st floor room. We had about 5-6 regulars drop by and hang out on our patio. But beware, they have the "Puss in Boots" look mastered and we went through our packets in the first 2 days lol. We ended up making several trips to the convenience store across the street from the Greathouse to grab sardines for them. On our last day I'd made one more trip for them and when I crossed the street back to CSA a pregnant one who had actually followed me came running up, then she escorted me the whole way back to the room - pretty adorable!

    We had read to bring Heinz from home but found the Grace to be very tasty too! My favorite snack at the Cabana Grill was onion rings dipped in a mixture of A-1 & Grace Ketchup - perfect if you have the munchies.

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CSA (as well an CSS and CN)...
    > Be sure to eat at Seagrapes for lunch on Mon, Tues, and/or Wed and enjoy some of the absolutely freshest best Fish Taco's and what an enjoyable place to dine.
    > Take a break-of-dawn walk along the beach -- an amazing way to start your day.
    > Order Lion Fish at Feathers -- a wonderful rare treat. (If unsure, as if you could get a small sample plate for your table).
    > Browse through the 100 listed martini's at the Martini Bar. On our first trip we set a goal that between us we would pace ourselves and try everyone over our 7-day visit. Needless to say we did not get very far. First you discover one that you want to get another and another, and then you discover how crooked the sidewalks really are trying to get back to your room.
    > Be sure to sign up for Couple Romance Rewards on line (no cost), give the front desk your Romance Rewards number and then sign-up to do a swap day at Couples Negril
    > Take advantage of the Couples Sports Complex (across the street) -- Fantastic tennis courts, gym, Yoga classes, track, lap pool, hand-ball and racket-ball courts, health bar, etc. And tennis, and fitness lessons are included is requested -- excellent pro's.
    > And the greatest secret of all is your SPOUSE.

    While our Fall trip (in 9 days) is to CN this year, we will do a trade-day and visit CSA on a Fish-Taco day.

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    This is a great thread. Will be visiting in April 2014.

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    See Elvis for any water sports (the paid ones) you want to do...tell him Ricky and Suzi sent you. . Elvis can help out with anything you need!

    Veggie chips with amazing dips at Seagrapes. Aforementioned ice cream machine (opens at 11 am) now at Seagrapes. Colinette for all spa treatments including wedding hair and makeup. (tell her Suzi sent you)... She's amaaaaazing!

    Talk to Jimmy and buy your handmade jewelry from him...he's there Wednesday by the Palms and I think Saturday on the walkway. Bring him a glass of juice!

    Make sure to catch the spectacular sunsets...take Avon Skin So Soft with you as the mosquitoes are there at dusk.

    Try the curried goat, and all the Jamaican food!

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    Just bumping this post up. So excited for our trip, who else has secrets to share?

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    Must meet Elvis. A good friend. He can arrange your parasail, jet ski, all kinds of stuff.

    Talk to Jimmy who makes jewelry. He's on the pool deck on Wednesday and on the pathway I think Saturday. Take him a glass of juice.

    Go to the spa for more than the 30 minute Couples massage. Go many times!

    The veggie Chips and dip at Seagrapes.

    The sunsets. Take your camera. Apply bug spray.

    Walk the pathways and explore the beautiful landscape.

    The most wonderful sound...starting at sunset...of the tree frogs lullaby.

    Talk to some of the vendors who walk the beach.

    54 days...can't wait!

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    Brilliant thread. 4 weeks tomorrow

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    Whoopsie... I responded twice saying same thing. Getting old lol!

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    Mine is simple, explore every inch of your significant other, every day you are there and rediscover why you fell in love many years ago. It's 31+ years for us and we still love our trips to adult resorts w/o kids running around!

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    Just found this thread, want to bump it because it's full of great info!!!

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    following the thread! will be there next year!

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    Bump! Awesome tips!

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    Try a "Hummingbird" with a Rum Cream Float
    Eat Banana Stuffed French Toast @ Patois Patio
    Eat Sweet Potato Chips with Pumpkin Jalapeno Dip @ The Sea Grape Cafe
    Don't miss the Friday Shipwreck Beach Party
    Have a Smoothie @ the Sports Bar when you need a Rum break
    Float on a floatie or just on your back with your eyes close for awhile...
    Enjoy a Private Dinner on the Beach with your loved one
    Lay in a Hammock
    Make it to the Beach Bonfire
    Try a Soursop or Sweetsop (depending on the season)

    Swept Away Nov/Dec 08'
    Swept Away Jun 10'
    Swept Away Oct 11'
    Swept Away Jun 15'
    Swept Away Aug 17'

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    Love this thread! Thanks for all of the tips! I grabbed my notebook and made a bunch of notes for things to keep in mind for the trip thanks to this thread

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    Fish Tacos at Seagrapes. Mon - Wed (or thurs). Frsh and delicious and healthy.

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    What to bring from home?

    We arrive in 14 days. What should we bring other than clothes of course?

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    One of the best tips I ever got was to bring bendy straws. Now I do that on every trip. It's just too much work to lift up from your chair to take a sip of your drink. LOL Really though the bendy straws are awesome. Also don't overpack! You won't wear half the stuff you put in your suitcase.
    CSA - May 2009, May 2010, March 2011 (wedding), December 2012, May 2014 CSS - December 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shartalin View Post
    The Private Cruise! Pay the extra money and do it if you can. You get a boat, a captain and a first mate for two hours. You can do what ever you want or go where ever you want. They bring some snacks and drinks and they treat you like royalty. We had them take us snorkeling so we could get some quality snorkeling time and personal attention. Raymond was our Captain and Delron was our guide in the water, pointing out different plant life and fish. It was our favorite thing we did while at CSA. We even got to snorkel in some caves! I think the whole trip was $120 for both of us. It was so worth it!
    Where do you book the private cruise and will they take you to the "Mexico" beach snorkel site I keep hearing about? I know this thread is old, but I am lovin it!

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    We will be there honeymooning during that time too

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