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Thread: Secrets of CSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRM View Post
    Wow! Great thread!! Lots of things to check out in 69 days!! Cant wait Can someone tell me how far ahead you can book the restaurants that require it? Thanks.
    You can book 3 days out. For example today is monday so you can book for monday, tuesday, or wednesday. We have been twice, both times resort was at full capacity, and we never had issues getting reservations. Last year we even got a same day at feathers.


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    Default My favorite thread!

    Bump to keep this on top of the message boards! I love this. Please keep them coming--we're first timers heading to CSA for a babymoon March 31-April 3

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    This is such a wonderful thread! Kudos to everyone who posted their tips. We'll be celebrating our honeymoon May 19-26 and are first timers. Thanks to this thread, I feel a little more in the "know".

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    There is a pool ( snooker-y not swimming ) room up stairs near the martini bar. It took till our third visit to even notice it.

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    I remember reading about the "CSA bones" in another thread. It might have even been on the old board. I believe it is seashells that spell out Swept Away in the pathway. We looked and looked last time but couldn't find them. Does anyone know where they are?

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    This is a great thread! We are booked for October 12-19 and getting excited, even though it's a ways away! Thanks for starting this one!

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    They are in the sidewalk between the front desk and Palms if I remember right. We walked past them a lot.

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    They are in the pathway by the Koi pond and gazebo in the middle of the property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by photochick View Post
    I remember reading about the "CSA bones" in another thread. It might have even been on the old board. I believe it is seashells that spell out Swept Away in the pathway. We looked and looked last time but couldn't find them. Does anyone know where they are?
    Close to the lobby, next to the koi pond.

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    Are you serious?? Our room was close to the Koi pond! I guess we never went down the right path!

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    WE brought our own snorkel equipment and went out on a Hobie cat and did our own little snorkel trip. It was too fun and we got caught in the middle of a huge warm rain storm on the way back.... Such a great time.

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    Swept Away secrets...too many to count....but here are our favorites:

    Sea Grape grill for lunch during the day.
    Sailing in the catamarans.
    The bread pudding
    The south beach bar
    The guy that walks up and down the beach selling cigars and cigarettes
    The fitness center across the street and the wonderful spa and massages
    The Atrium Suites
    The Martini Bar
    Be sure to take the time to slow down, meet the staff and get to know them. They will make your vacation seem like heaven.

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    Glad to find this thread! We will be there 10/6-10/13 for our first time to Couples and to Jamaica!! Thanks everyone for sharing!

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    Gosh, I have copy and pasted and printed so much goodies! I don't want to miss anything when we get there! Thank you all so much! Oklahoma is way to cold right now and we are at 147 days and counting! August 20 can't get her soon enough!

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    Find Elvis on the beach your first day...he can take care of all your extra curricular activities...tell him Ricky and Suzi sent you! Book your spa appointments early, ask for Colonnie for massages (also tell her Suzi sent you...unless you're there 4/12-21 ) Jimmy is a jewelry/bead vendor and has awesome stuff. TAKE A LOT OF SUNSCREEN!!

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    Tennis...CSA has one of the top ten tennis facilities in the Caribbean. And it is all part of the all inclusive. Free one-on-one lessons with great pros. Clinics for different levels.. Great fun with great people. The crew across the street are great!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by breccad View Post
    I'm posting here so I can keep up on the tips you post. We'll be there in just 16 days!
    PLEASE be sure to post a review when you get back, going in 32 days.

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    One of the biggest secrets is the employees! Take the time to get to know them, they are GREAT. Demar at the beach bar closer to the Palms is the greatest in the world. We want to set him up with our daughter, kind respectful and his story is heart warming. Find Demar on the beach and tell him the crazy group from Arizona says hello! Respect

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    thanks for all of the helpful hints....leaving in 16 days for our first time at CSA. Will post a review when we get back

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    This thread is a true find!
    We leave in 24 days for our first trip to CSA...I'm putting together a MUST DO list as I type this!
    Hopefully I will have some "new" things to add when we get back!
    Thanks for everyone who posted!
    I am more than thrilled to be going!

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    Great thread! May 18th can't come soon enough ...

    One day in the late morning we walked five minutes down the beach toward Negril and found a fisherman shucking a fresh catch of conch. For a small price his friend (who spoke English) grilled a bunch for us and we ate them on the beach under a tree. So delicious!

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    Try all the soups. Visit the martini bar adjacent to Lemon Grass, have a lychee martini. Eat breakfast at The Palm. Make reservations for Lemon Grass and Feathers immediately after check-in. Eat at these locations at least once. Have a hot stone massage. Get out and explore a little bit of Negril. See Elvis, he's up and down the beach all day. Seagrape Café for lunch, (hopefully the fabulous fish tacos are still there this year), and they have a self serve ice cream machine too! Be kind to the staff, they are there to serve you, but are not your servants! If you crave junk food, head to the Cabana Grill, they are open late. Do not over pack. You will be tempted to bring ten pairs of shoes ladies! Cut it down to a few pairs of dressy flats, a pair or two of heels, and a pair of sneakers. Not one person, unless a significant other, will remember your shoes! You will be in a bathing suit and cover up most of the day, or trunks and a tee shirt. We usually go for ten days and I have been able to shove my entire wardrobe into a carry on and huge hand bag, and that includes gym clothes. I do make use of the laundry send out. Visit Ultimate Chocolate at the Aura Lounge. He's so much fun! Try to remember you are on Jamaica time, kick back, relax and go with the flow!
    There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage ~Mark Twain

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    Hey yookster where is your favorite jerk place?

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    Visit Mayfield Falls. Short ride through the mountains to the falls then enjoy the beauty. Breath taking.

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    So excited I found this thread! I read the first page and can't wait to get more tips for our upcoming trip. Thanks everyone!!!

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